Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GMOTM Conducting Live Interview with Morishita

Hot off the heels of her freshly arranged “another sun 2012″ and “あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~”, Reika Morishita has agreed to a live interview with the folks from Get Me Off the Moon (aka "100,000 Strong For Mega Man Legends 3). Details are as follows:

"We will be conducting a live interview with Reika Morishita this Sunday, October 14, at 9am EST to discuss her newly rearranged Legends songs! Things may be a bit slow, since we'll be assisted by a translator for communication with Morishita-San, but nonetheless, this is going to be something you won't want to miss!"

When the time comes, this is where you’ll want to be for the show. Thanks to Skybane for the tip!


  1. Unfortunately I'm occupied this Sunday, so I'll have to catch the recording afterwards. Looking forward to it, though!

  2. Can't wait to watch it tomorrow! :)


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