Sunday, October 14, 2012

Are You At NYCC? Tamashii Nations Has a Question for You...

Coming from Bluefin Tamashii Nation's New York Comic Con 2012 Facebook album:

"These surveys at events and on facebook really do help us out for determining future products! Come on down to booth #1810 at NYCC to vote! Really wish we could make this mega hint more obvious....."

We have quite a few Mega Man X D-Arts already, and a classic Mega Man D-Arts on the burner. Is the time right for a Mega Man Legends (Volnutt) D-Arts? Stop by booth #1810 and send your feedback!


  1. Sorry, I'd Rather have more X series figures Like Iris, Shadow Armor X, or even a Maverick for once!

  2. Definitely the right time for a Volnutt D-Arts.

    Just wish I could go to NYCC. :/

  3. no legends is overrated more classic please.

  4. Just stick with the X series, see how Classic Rock sells and then look at it again down the line.

  5. @MegaNerdX: /implying a Volnutt D-Arts being produced would prevent Bandai from making any more X-based ones for some arbitrary reason

    ahahaha the fuck

    1. It's not that I think it would stop X figures, it's that it'll prolong them from being made even more. :( if the figures didn't take so long to be made/come out, I wouldn't have such a problem with a Volnutt. I'm interested in him too. Just want more X ones is all.

  6. They should do Legends, and then the Network-Star lineup next.

    There's so many tasty designs that would look nice in D-Arts form. Red Joker, Black Ace, Blues Soul, Harp Note, Greigar Rockman, Falzer Rockman, Forte Cross Gold and Silver, list goes on.

  7. Wish I could vote for X, give another half of a half of an inch to the possibility of Iris or Dynamo getting a D-ARTS

  8. I'd love to see Iris get a model, but VOTE LEGENDS!

  9. @MegaNerdX: How much more X stuff has to be made before someone can finally toss the Legends fans a bone? I mean...over a decade of waiting with no payoff. I don't think it's too much to ask for the other fans to exercise some patience, too. (I doubt the Legends stuff will completely override the X figures; normal X is getting re-released around the same time as Classic MM, I think)

    (Sorry if I'm getting angrier than I should over this, just...arg.)

  10. RADIX, I think the issue isn't that we don't believe that Legends shouldn't get a figure but, to be fair, there's still some bad blood from the poll debacle and other things. Legends is still getting lots of publicity, including new songs and things through the Legends Facebook page.

    However, I think anyone would be a bit wary given the fact that this is a business and if something comes out and doesn't sell well, then it could (like anything else) can the line.

    We really need to look at Classic Rock's figure and see how that does with sales. That's really going to be the linchpin for if they can take a chance and have figures from 3 game lines of Rockman out there.

    It's not all cut in black and white (to use an expression) here. We're all entitled to our opinions on the matter, there's no need to get upset, any of us. We just need to see how this turns out and support Bluefin (if we can).

  11. RADIX - I did forget to mention this but we do understand each other, as people who like all, some or just parts of the various Rockman series. Please don't think that we don't. I truly think that we all can support each other in our different ideals and opinions but everyone is entitled to both agree and disagree with each other.

    I do hope this doesn't seem like an attack on anyone, but I know that parts of the fanbase as of late does seem to want to go at each other like there's no tomorrow. Just do note that we aren't all like that. (It's more that parts of the fanbase, perhaps...have become quite vocal lately?)

  12. I went. Picked Classic. I really want to see Protoman and a couple of the Robot Masters from them.

  13. Sorry I'd much rather have a gutsman or cutman d art

  14. Legends, if only because they're already done figures of Classic and X. More variety, please.

    That and Legends does deserve a bit more love.

    Though I will agree that there should be more top-quality figures of EXE and Starforce, and maybe ZX.

  15. @10:07/10 Anon: Points taken, I guess.

    (Sorry, it's just that I still remember some of the absolutely moronic/childish crap getting flung at the Legends fans--tellingly, mostly by people who wanted Sigma to win--and seeing shades of it flare up here set me off.)

  16. @Amir

    MegaMan Star Force series is so unpopular, that the D-Arts guys aren't gonna take a risk making MMSF D-Arts figures. So I wouldn't get my hopes up for any Star Force D-Arts figures. Or Battle Network ones since I think the D-Arts guys are big fans of Classic and X, possibly Legends too.

  17. I've actually had enough X figures. Between what D-Arts has given us and the Bandai model kits from '98, I'm content.

    And I have no desire for X figures beyond the first game anyway, character designs got pretty ludicrous after that.

    More classic figures would be awesome. Japan hasn't made enough classic stuff in recent years and they've got ground to make up. I still dream of a line of original 6 robot masters figures outside of the old TV-based PVCs from Bandai. They need to look as good as the D-Arts Megaman is looking. And spare me the Bass figure, please.

    Legends is a dead end. You make a Volnutt, a few weapon variants and his harem... and that's practically it. Leave them to the Capcom Girls Collection lines.

  18. @Musashi:

    I love how you only commented on this article, just so you could stalk Amir some more.

    Don't you get tired of this? Everyone here's been watching you do this for over two years. Grow up and move on already.

  19. @MTM: Well I think it's not 'not liking it. Fact is, money is money, but they need a profit/enjoyability out of it. If BN figures did happen, I feel like we would expect ALOT of figures/parts for Megaman alone. Chip parts, Style change, double soul, soul cross, Beast form, that beast soul thing...

    And like how Classic is getting Rush and a Mettaur bundled, would we expect something similar? Would we expect viruses with the figures, and the NetOps with their respective navis? And what about people like Wily and the solo navis? They didn't have a partner, so would they be sold alone at a potentially too high price tag if the bundles happened, or bundled together in packs that may not make sense?

    Gotta think it through. It's not just 'We don't like it', it's also a matter of 'What do the consumers like, what series do they want, what do they want specifically from it, and most important of all, what do they expect of us for each figure.

  20. New York and California get all the best conventions with all the best stuff, two states I live nowhere near.

    Back on topic, if I could have voted, I would like more classic characters to be done. I wish the voting could have been done online, but whatever.

  21. Crappish hell! I went to the booth, forked over more than a hundred bucks, took pictures of four displays, and somehow missed that survey.

    Ah well. Legends, for sure, is my top pick. But that doesn't mean that a D-Arts Iris would be any less awesome. =D

  22. I would much rather have an Axl figure...

  23. @October 15, 2012 9:55 AM Anon: Juno, Bola, Klaymoor, the Bonnes, Glyde, Denise, Geetz, Gatz, Joe, and Matilda say hi.

  24. @Dream-Crusher:

    Megaman Legends overrated?

    Hahahahahahaha! you're so funny,man! x'D

  25. RADIX - I completely understand that and that sort of thing I think is rather unfair. It'd be nice if we could all express our opinions without having all this in-fighting too.

    Well, hopefully all these series will get the D-Arts treatment here soon! (Here's hoping anyways)


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