Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Tron and Servbot Gameplay from Project X Zone

Can you believe this comes out in just three days? We'll certainly be seeing a lot more of PXZ this week!

Source: PXZ Channel


  1. Those servbots are so adorable! :3

  2. Can enemies actually... attack in this game?

  3. @Steven

    The engine is based off of a game called Super Robot Taisen. The point of the game is to juggle the enemy using timed button presses.

    I think. My friend has the game, but it's obviously based off of this.

  4. Looks like PxZ IS a sequel of NxC:

    Servbots 1, 17 and 28 will be Tron's sidekicks again like in NxC.

    Jedah was mentioned by Demitri in NxC's ending, and he appears in PxZ.

    Reiji and Xiaomu return.

    May be more connections when the game is out.


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