Monday, October 29, 2012

So About That D-Arts Bass (and Treble)...

Some disconcerting news coming from Bluefin Tamashii Nation's Facebook page today. Read on:

"Treble would be an "accessory" with Bass just like Rush with Megaman, assuming this becomes a product."

Our keyword here is "assuming." That's right, Bass and his faithful canine Treble have yet to be given the official go-ahead for production. So much like Sigma and that beautiful Ride Armor, availability is more than likely contingent upon fan demand.

Well, what are you waiting for? Demand your Bass and Treble at their Facebook page!


  1. what the hell? why does bandai keep teasing fans like this with figures that they don't know if they will release?

  2. It's to see if there's interest for it. Bandai loves prototypes and there have been many that have only been spotted once or twice before vanishing from sight. (Not just Rockman of course, there's been some really famous ones like Master Asia, etc that have only been seen as prototypes)

    It's also why the X series stuff has taken off; Bandai sees that they really sell and that people really want them both in Japan and worldwide (though, the popularity is bigger in America and other places than in Japan itself)

    That might explain why Bandai's dipping into the Classic catalog; the Classic series always had a rather large following in Japan; so they can make X series stuff for the worldwide audience and Classic for Japan.

    ...but it's Bandai, so I'd guess it'll depend on how these new rounds of figures sell.

  3. BANDAI is starting to act like stupid CAPCOM. This is how CAPCOM started...

  4. @3rd anon: Not ONCE have these models been given the 'Yeah it's going to happen'. Don't act like Bandai said that, because then you're just delusional.

  5. Teasing us with a product, then telling us they may not release it?

    I've seen this happen not too long ago...and it ended very, very badly.

  6. Online feedback is bull. If those polls are any indication, then they're going to do whatever they want to regardless of what the public says.

    You want the Bass/Treble set to happen? Buy the D-Arts Megaman/Rush set. If that sells well, they'll make it happen.

    Money speaks louder than internet rantings.



  8. Prof. Megaman does have a good point. Money is THE thing that they'll listen to the clearest, so if we want Bass and Treble, we're gonna have to buy Mega Man and Rush. Though... I was planning on doing that, anyway. =P

  9. He will become a product. No doubt about it. No reason to get worked up. If he doesn't get mass produced, I'll be VERY surprised.

  10. I would too Megamac. We all know Mega Man and Rush will sell really well. Its a given. Some robot master statues with recolored Mega Man and weapon would be cool too. Hell some mavericks with recolored X and weapon would be awesome!

  11. come on bandai, release the bass figure :( there hasn't been a good bass figure made since the late 90s when bandai released the rockman 8 bass model kit and that was over 15 years ago, it's about time bass got a new figure released.


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