Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Morishita Seeks Fan-Art for MM Legends 15th Anniversary Project

To celebrate 15 years of Mega Man Legends (and 25 years of Mega Man in general), singer Reika Morishita has announced a surprise commemorative project. We're not entirely sure what the project will entail (might be a new CD), but she's looking for art submissions from talented artists to be included in the venture.

Hit the break for all the details.

"At long last I'm back home in Tokyo. I arrived at 7 at night, went home, made dinner and was beat. (laughs) So sleepy. Justifiably tired, in a sense. There are various meanings. (Skybane Edit: Morishita-San was in a radio broadcast today.)

I also had work left undone, and was a bit stressed over it.

Anyway, maybe you saw Pyonta-kun's comment, but yes, I have important news!!

"It's taking form? Let's celebrate Reika Morishita's Revival & DASH's 15th Anniversary! The Character Illustration Contest!!"

It's still undecided, but the prospects of an actual CD release are beginning appear! To celebrate that, I need all of your support!! To that end, I want to take submissions for many DASH character fan art by all of you! I can't go into much detail yet, but make no mistake, we have some amazing plans in store. Hmm, how will they be used? Please stay tuned on that matter.

As far as your pictures go, you can make new art or use past piece you've drawn! Even work you've already made public on the web is fine too. Please show me your best artwork at all costs!! I'm waiting for your submissions!!!

The deadline is November 7th!

Maximum image parameters: 750 × 750
Submit artwork via email attachment to: info@morishita-reika.com"

November 7 will be here before you know it. Get those submissions in ASAP!

Source: 100,000 Strong for Legends 3


  1. So, they kicked us to the curb, and a few months later they walk out to the curb and ask us to help them?

  2. @Rockman:

    No, this isn't being conducted by Capcom. It's mostly Reika Morishita who's handling this.

  3. @Rockman: A Morishita for sure.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. I've never trolled (mildly or wildly) anyone on the Internet before.

    Anyway, I hope there's some Legends 3 art in the mix. I'd hate for all that effort to go to waste even with the fans.

  4. Well, what ever it is I hope we actually get it soon unlike stupid CAPCOM! And even slow poke Score6.

  5. I wonder what I should draw...

    @Rockman: You OBVIOUSLY didn't read (or didn't understand) the post.

  6. @Rockman:

    As SuperMarioMan89 said, other than the fact that Mega Man is still Capcom's property, It's not Capcom, rather Reika Morishita. I can see where the confusion lies. This is something that Capcom should be doing, after all.
    I remember when people started directing insults at poor Kinako, because they didn't know the whole story.

    I may draw something for this, if I have the time. I was already busy with the whole net-navi design.


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