Monday, October 1, 2012

Sample the 25th Anniversary Arranged Soundtracks

Got some excellent fodder for the music lovers today. Every single track from both the 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock and Techno Arrange album have been revealed, along with samples! And I have to admit, they're really interesting. Rock album is my personal favorite at the moment. Tune in and check them out at The Mega Man Network.

Both albums are due out next week, October 10th. I, for one, can't wait!


  1. So since it was included in Rockman Kai Dark Man's theme has been on the last four remix albums for a total of six arrangements among all of them.

    Hey Capcom there's more music in Mega Man 5 than one song.

  2. I... ugh.....

    I want to make a witty comment about this, but seriously...

    Is there really a point anymore?

  3. Amazing, there's a Mega Man 7 song in this.

    See you all next time on the 30th anniversary. Maybe I'll get 2 more!

  4. I'm not really feeling these samples. (sigh) maybe they'll grow on me like Rockman9 Arrange but right now nothin.

  5. Wait a minute. There are tracks from other games, and not just 2 and 3?

    Oh my god. Blasphemy. This is mind blowing. I-... I am absolutely speechless... No words can properly describe how shocked I am by this.

    Obvious sarcasm is obvious.

  6. Wow, tracks from 8. And they sound nice. The Intro/FrostMan one is great. Looking forward to this.


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