Saturday, October 6, 2012

Get Equipped with Rokko Chan Remix Album

Rokko Chan, a most bodacious Mega Man clone starring a plucky female Blue Bomber, is back in the news again. Destructoid's Tony Ponce brings word that the game's fantastic chiptune soundtrack has been remixed by a batch of talented DJs.

Dubbed "Rokko Chan: Extended Play," the eight-track album features the works of DJ Cutman, Spambot, and FantomenK. You can download it directly from Bandcamp or tune in to the embeded stream above. Either way, it's worth a listen (especially if you're a Rokko Chan fan). Enjoy!

Thanks for the heads up, Tony!


  1. Wasn't there already a Rokko Chan Remix album?

  2. It's a different one

  3. Am I the only person who thinks that Rolling Man remix sounds absolutely horrible? The rest of the mixes are alright, but that Rolling Man one just sounds like someone put the original song through a low-quality filter of some kind...

  4. I thought the Rolling Man remix sounded like ass.

  5. It was meh until I heard Jet Man's remix. That one kicked ass.

  6. I was also confused about this listing for -another- Rokko remix album. But it's all good. Makes me wonder if Rokko actually has some chance of hitting it big instead of a just a flash game.

    And relevantly enough for this blog, I'm enjoying a lot of DJ Cutman's work : )


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