Saturday, October 27, 2012

iOS Mega Man X Gets Halloween Price Drop

For those interested in the iOS version of Mega Man X, I've got some good news: until October 31st (Halloween!), you can download the game for no less than 99 cents. That's a whole $4 off!

It may not be the best MMX port around, but it's mildly entertaining as a time-waster. And hey, price drops are always a good thing, right? Last time that happened, the game's popularity skyrocketed on the charts.

You can find Mega Man X in the App Store here.


  1. Must be in celebration of Schlocktober.

  2. And with that $4 you save, you can use it to buy all the weapons, the armor parts, the heart tanks, and the sub tanks, AND the music tracks!

    What a deal!

    (EDIT: Look, I just find it difficult to get excited over a lackluster port, especially when it bills itself as "HD". Seriously?)

  3. It sure is scary that this joke was made :P

  4. Meh, compared to most of the other platformers on the iOS, especially all the "Megaman knockoffs" and so on?
    This one looks amazing in comparison to them.

    For what it's worth, it was honestly decent at best. The controls worked well for iOS, the game was playable and beatable. It was kind of funny to kind of go through the game again and have MMX on the go.

    Sure, there's emulators for iOS that could do the same thing, but I noticed most of those emulators have little frame skip errors, or the buttons are too cramped together to really play it well.

    Either that, or it's dragging along a WiiMote and Classic Controller with me to work and stuff, JUST to play some MMX on iOS, when I could just boot this DECENT port-thing and play that instead.

    As for Xover? I'm not even going to try to defend that garbage. >_>

  5. @Captain: Hey, don't worry about it. I feel the same way.

    Doesn't matter how much this costs, this is still a butt-ugly remake/port/whatever that I have no intention on touching.

  6. 4 bucks for no way too expensive!

  7. @TAG

    Amen to that. I'm a fan of the original SNES X and MegaMan X Collection X1 game. And screw the idiots who liked this bad IOS port of the first MegaMan X! Now I see why everyone hates this IOS port of MegaMan X...

  8. I guess that makes sense, considering how horrifying it is. ^-^

  9. I got it the last time the price dropped. It isn't that bad, just pretty easy.
    And you don't need to buy anything extra to play/ finish the game. I passed the game without sub-tanks or without buying the whole armor. I got the armor passing the game.

  10. @Anon 3: It's still a complete eyesore to look at in motion. Thanks, but I'll just play the X Collection version.

  11. NOOOOOO!!!

    The last thing we need is a price drop on this half-assed port. I mean, if a price drop means increased popularity on iOS games, I say NO! I want FULL FLEDGED CONSOLE GAMES, not stupid iOS games (granted, I love me some Angry Birds and Temple Run and TapTap Revenge4) based on one of my favorite franchises. NO WAY.

  12. $1 is even too much for this piece of crap, it's pretty sad when the original made way back in 1993 is superior in every way to this.


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