Saturday, October 6, 2012

Capcom Has No Plans for Mega Man/Sonic Crossover

Will Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog ever appear in the same game? With an official Archie Comics "When Worlds Collide" crossover coming up in 2013, that seems to be the popular question on the minds of Mega Man and Sonic fans alike.

Responding to a forum user who asked this very question, Capcom's Senior VP Christan Svensson stepped right up with an answer: "While we're happy Archie was able to make such a collaboration happen, there are no plans for a game on such a premise."

Although plans tend to change all the time, it sounds like Capcom (nor Sega) will not be actively perusing this sort of project anytime soon. And honestly, I'd much rather see Mega Man back on his own two feet first before something like this is even considered. After that happens, hey, it's free rein from there.

Oh well. But hey, at least you can still look forward to the comic crossover. March 2013 will be here before you know it!

Source: Ask Capcom


  1. Of course there aren't plans for a GAME Mega Man isn't a video game franchise anymore it's a merchandise one with the occasional iOS game tie-in.

  2. I'm not surprised. Honestly, a crossover game between Megaman and Sonic might not work out so well.

  3. I read this as "Capcom Has No Plans for Mega Man" that bad?

  4. I think a better question these days would be, "Does Capcom plan to ever make another Mega Man game for consoles again?" Anyone who has thoughts for a crossover game is just dreaming.

  5. Aw. :( An MM/Sonic crossover game would be interesting...

  6. Oh they dont want to because Sonic's basic mechanics have expanded and been refined over time while Megaman's havent gained shit. Plus they are afraid the Sonic half would be of higher quality since they don't like to put much in... ever.

  7. Capcom has no plans for anything.

  8. Well...I was going to leave some witty remark about how "Capcom doesn't have plans for MegaMan period, let alone a cross-over," but the other commentors beat me to it.

  9. Uhh... I would much prefer a MM game on its own, without the presence of Sonic. That's just me. XD That whole Archie thing is just Ian combining these two licences together because he can, at least with the permission of Capcom and Sega. I assume it is easier to write a comic than to make a game which requires a lot more planning. I don't know... I am just assuming. XD

    But what am I saying? This is Capcom here! They will not do anything like this with our favorite blue dude! And even though I am not a Sonic fangirl, that is not a compliment! >:( They won't do ANYTHING with our favorite blue dude.

  10. Maybe they'll meet at PXZ?

  11. I wouldnt have expected a Sonic crossover even in the heyday of Mega man games. Crossover games just dont seem Mega Man style.

  12. And I hope they will never have any plans for a mega man and sonic crossover

  13. Capcom has no plans for Megaman period

    Msybe a few more remixes and t-shirts

  14. Thank goodness. That would be terrible.

  15. I can't imagine this working out. As far as level design goes Sonic games don't have much in common. Less than Sonic and Mario; and there hasn't been a 2D or 3D platforming crossover between them. Which actually kinda amazes me since Nintendo and Sega hit that Sonic/Mario pinata a few times.

    Of all the platformers I think of classic; I can only come up with thinking that maybe a Rocket Knight crossover game could work out with the X or later Mega Mans. But I don't think anyone's all that big on Rocket Knight.

  16. People actually believed there was going to be a crossover game?

    ... *Repeatedly shakes head in silence.*

    No, seriously guys. Just because a crossover happens in a comic, does not mean it will happen in the form of a game. My god. The thought of a MM/Sonic crossover game never even once crossed my mind until this question was asked.

    It's one thing to get annoyed that they have no plans for anything, but another to honestly expect a real crossover game. This crossover is a creation of Archie Comics, and I am honestly surprised that people even think that this would equal a real game. No it does not.

  17. The most I'd accept would be having both MM and Sonic in the next "Smash Bros" game. Then they can work together or beat each other up as much as fans like.

  18. @Dr. Jerk: Actually, I think there's some decent logic behind it: The Megaman comics are selling well, and WWC's sales will probably benefit from Archie-Sonic's existing fan base. Why not put forth a crossover game while WWC is going strong?

    Capcom could just license MM out to SEGA and let them do the development work, since I doubt Capcom would want to stop focusing on those four or so IPs of theirs to work on a true collab. Hell, Project X Zone has Capcom and SEGA on the same project; an MM/Sonic game shouldn't be too difficult.

    For the record, I wasn't thinking about crossover games until this news post was made.

  19. Mega Man vs. Sonic!
    -Mega Man, Quick Man and Bass vs. Emerl, Sonic and Shadow
    -Wily, Light and Tengu Man vs. Eggman, Tails and Rogue
    -Proto Man, Duo and Shadow Man vs. Knuckles, Syrax and Espio
    -Copy Robot, Yellow Devil and Hornet Man vs. Metal Sonic, Chaos and Charmy Bee
    -Roll, Splash Woman and Guts Man vs. Cream, Amy and Big
    -Sheep Man, Ground Man and Buster Rod G vs. Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts
    -And more! (King, Ra Thor, Nitro Man, Cossack, Doc Robot, Silver, Omega, Vector, Mighty, Blaze, ...)

    Or Sega vs. Capcom. (Mega Man, Sonic, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, ...)

    To bad Sonic and Pac-Man aren't in PXZ. Pac-Man also wasn't in NXC, except for a few cameos, so he and Sonic may have some cameos in PXZ?

    I mean, cmon, Megaman and SONIC doing a crossover? That idea is ok... for fanboys and little kids.
    I mean seriously, what's next, Sonic, Megaman and MARIO?


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