Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Capcom Asks for Patience with Mega Man on 3DS Virtual Console

Capcom's Christian Svensson took to the company's forums once again to address the lack of classic NES Mega Man games on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in North America. His response is short and to the point:

That's... actually the response I wasn't anticipating.

Usually, Capcom has pointed out they have no jurisdiction over Virtual Console releases. That's Nintendo's territory. But perhaps there's some implication here these titles are being planned to release at a specific time? Maybe closer to the actual 25th anniversary? Sounds likely, but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Ask Capcom


  1. I'm hoping this means that MM will grace the 3DS Virtual Console eventually...

    'cuz I'm tired of Capcom telling us to be patient yet having nothing for us to really be patient for. I'd gladly wait for a new MM game if one was definitively shown to be in the works. /tangent?

  2. poor sven, he must be bored to see the problem with Megaman...?
    Must say to us "no megaman games"...always... ..

    But he is cool with us !

  3. Fantasy Empress RolinaOctober 9, 2012 at 5:05 AM

    Eh, forget classic megaman. I'm more interested in getting the battle network series on the VC. EXE1 is neigh impossible to find a working copy of (most have dead or dying batteries), and a lot of my other games I don't wanna erase the save data on... being able to buy it so I can enjoy the story again would be great.

  4. Not that I care, but why hold out this stuff until the anniversary? Just to pretend they care?

  5. I'm actually pretty sure this is an exclusivity deal between Sony of America and Capcom.

    Like him or not, bad box art mega man is only DLC for the PS3 and Vita but not the XBox. They have some kind of deal worked out.

  6. Well, either "patience" or "not our jurisdiction" is pretty much their answer to every Mega Man question that is asked of them.

    Really hoping Xtreme2 makes it out at some point, but knowing Capcom we're probably going to see an awful lot of Classic before anything else.

  7. Always things to discuss. Always something. Man, these "top men" sure are working hard! =P

  8. @Fantasy Empress Rolina: I can agree to this.

    But hey, it's practically a fact that if it isn't Classic or X series, neither Capcom or anyone else cares. Even though people complained about the Zero Collection for the DS, I think we were pretty lucky for Capcom to even consider it.

  9. It's a sad day when we're getting excited for rereleases of old games. Maybe the 3DS games are what Sven said to look forward to on the 25th anniversary... at this point I wouldn't doubt it.

  10. Don't worry Sven. Most of us have already bought and played these back when they were on the NES or got the GCN/PS2 collections. And we've been able to emulate them since the late 90s. No hurry, We can already play the NES games.

  11. Oh boy! I sure am excited by the possible-yet-not-all-that-probable re-release of a classic/Classic Megaman game, (likely without the PS1 Complete Works additions, nosiree), all just in time for its 25th anniversary celebration!

    Who's with me here? Anyone?

  12. OH, SHUT UP, SVEN!

    Just turn in your badge of working for this company and move onto something else. You clearly don't know how to do PR correctly, and could be doing better for yourself than this.

    RE6 is an abysmal failure, which means Capcom is not going to be getting much money out of it. This is the same company that always goes big on budget, no matter what, if they think it will sell in the millions. Seeing how RE6 has the SFxT hate train on it, as well as it actually being shit even for the critics, shows signs of this happening again.

    Only many people looked at RE6 as Capcom's last chance at redemption or keeping their faith alive. Especially since the company is broke nowadays.

    I give the company 8 months, TOPS, before there's news of it going out of business.

  13. Amir doesn't understand how a company works.

    No one's going anywhere. Look at their earnings data from last term.

  14. @October 9, 2012 7:38 PM Anon: I dunno; if Capcom can't make RE6 (part of a series they actually seem to care about) a good game, then maybe they indeed won't last much longer. It's not just the MM fanbase that's tiring of their shit.

    And doesn't the current setup up the gaming industry leave pretty much no room for failure?

  15. They still have Monster Hunter guys they aren't going anywhere.

    Not to mention lately they've been licensing properties out like the new Devil May Cry and Lost Planet in those cases it doesn't really matter if they game doesn't do super well since they've made money on the license and didn't have to pay a cent to make a game.

  16. What are you expecting from a person whose avatar is a PIG??? I think it´s crystal clear.

  17. @Radix
    But if Capcom goes under, what happens to its licenses? Do they just disappear never to be heard from again? Or do they go up for auction or something?

  18. @Cucuyo: I'm not sure, but I'd REALLY hope that they all get bought by companies that won't run them into the ground (personally, I'd like MM to go to Nintendo or Comcept), and that the Archie comic wouldn't suffer too much for it.

  19. @RADIX

    If Nintendo bought Mega Man they'd probably axe the Mega Man comic, Nintendo isn't big on that type of merchandise anymore.

  20. Not to mention that Nintendo would axe the prospect of any new art books and such from UDON. Nintendo also aren't big at all when it comes to localizing that stuff.

    The Zelda one from last year was a real surprise to me when it got localized.

  21. @October 10, 2012 12:22 AM Anon and Dr. Jerk: Aw. :(

    Comcept it is, then, or maybe SEGA. I dunno how the latter is on art books, but I'd bet they'd let the comic continue to run.

  22. Talking about Virtual Console, I wonder if there are plans for Wii's VC to receive Mega Man 64, RockBoard, Mega Man's Soccer and Mega Man: The Wily Wars. (+ MM7 & MMX3)

  23. I love how people are assuming Nintendo would axe all the merchandise if they got Megaman.

    Considering we've never seen Nintendo acquire an older franchise from a developer in the last two generations thats mainly running on merchandise fuel and not game fuel like Nintendo's franchises, I think you should hold your tongues and shut up.

    Because thats a worse case scenario right there. Nintendo, or anyone else really, gets the franchise, axes the merchandise, and puts out a game.

    Should that game fail, the franchise would be f*cking done as a whole for good. Metroid Other M can vouch for the 'possibly killing the franchise as a whole' entry. Now shut up and don't even talk about it.

  24. @October 10, 2012 9:28 AM

    I'd love to see an eShop or PSN version of Rockboard with more maps and new graphics with online states and Online/ Ad-Hoc multiplayer. Me and my brother still play it and it's a great game. I think it would fit well into the world of 1 dollar games. I'd pay 5 dollars to be able to play it on my Vita or PS3 that don't exist.

  25. When a company goes under, selling off their assets is part of the process, and intellectual properties are considered assets. If Capcom goes out of business, then other companies will probably pick up their licenses. Like how Mortal Kombat ended up with Warner Brothers Entertainment after Acclaim bit the big one.

    However, I'd rather not see that happen in this case. When other companies pick up a license, it's a toss up whether they'll actually stay true to the originals or use it as an opportunity to "reimagine" the series. I don't think a Nintendo purchase is goint to happen, because when has Nintendo ever picked up a defunct company's licenses? They would rather make their own stuff. So think about a western developer getting the license, making a blue clone of Master Chief, sticking him in a brown FPS and calling it a Mega Man game.

    There's also the possibility of the new owner ruining the series because they view it as fodder for easy money with little effort. Look what happened to the Destroy All Humans! series after EA gutted Pandemic Studios and sold the license to THQ. They released two terrible sequels and now the series is probably dead for good.

    So really, we should be hoping Capcom gets their act together instead of passing Mega Man to someone else.

  26. Everything kobun37 said. Just because Capcom has been doing incredibly shoddy work as of late, does not mean that selling their properties to other companies would make anything better. Even with Capcom neglecting the franchise, I'd rather they keep MM.

  27. @October 10, 2012 12:22 PM Anon: You seriously couldn't ask people not to jump to conclusions without being rude?

    All this license talk got me wondering...why hasn't Capcom let Inti Creates or SEGA or anyone else with experience in making platform games develop a new MM title while Capcom works on other things? They've bitched about MM's low sales before; wouldn't this save them some money? (I guess the real answer is "because they couldn't get their heads out of their asses long enough")

    I know that the Inti Creates-developed games aren't perfect, and I dunno how a SEGA-made MM game'd play, but Capcom had all year to try that option. Did they spend all year just flailing around and hoping we wouldn't notice?


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