Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mega Man in Sonic Generations is Probably the Best Thing Ever

Game mods are pretty neat. They can instantly grant players all sorts of new and exciting possibilities from new modes to character swaps. In the case of the latter, YouTube user Megamaniscrazy integrated the skins of Mega Man, X and Zero into Sonic Generations. It sounds like an odd pairing at first, but I think you'll agree the end result looks very cool.

Food for thought: is this the sort of game we could see if Capcom and Sega choose to take the Archie crossover one step further?

Source: Sonic Generations mod: MegaMan and Rayman (100th Video)


  1. wow! we need a "3d" game like this!

  2. Well this is a terrible idea. Rather mediocre models, too.

  3. haha, the X vs Zero was pretty cool.

    Then I saw Classic Megaman do a spindash and I just lost it.

  4. SEGA is barely staying a float these days and Capcom quite clearly does not care about Mega Man as a game property. So no I do not see the two deciding to work on a crossover game any time between now and the heat death of the universe.

  5. That was pretty awesome... but maybe they could switch Metal Sonic for Wily's copy of MM? The one with the purple scarf.

  6. @Anonymous#2:

    You are aware that these models are from two Capcom games, and not fan-created, right? I can agree that the Powered Up model looks out of place, but at the same time, you have to remember the model was from a PSP game.

    I wonder what took so long for this to happen? Anyway, this is cool. Always like to see character swaps. Should've swapped Metal Sonic, though.

  7. As overrated as I think Sonic Generations is, I still have to give Megamaniscrazy his props. This is a pretty awesome mod.

  8. @Krazy Monkey: While I can't say for sure about it, I've enjoyed the two Hedgehog levels of Sonic Unleashed because I did feel like I was Sonic rushing at high speed (at least when done correctly). I've heard others say that Sonic Generations builds on that and there is enough good to outweigh the bad in it. Maybe someday when I get a 3DS I'll see for myself.

  9. @EngineR2: Crapcom made those models? No wonder they're so mediocre. They should have used Trigger for this anyway. I'm so sick and tired of Classic and X always getting all the glory.

    1. You clearly must of never played Tatsunoko VS Capcom or you'd know that Volnutt got some Love.

  10. @October 28, 2012 9:07 PM Anon: There is no god damn quality Trigger model except for TvC, and even then that's not great because it's a Wii game.

    Also Classic and X fit it much better than Trigger. Classic was.. Classic Sonic(lol) while X was modern Sonic, which is perfect. Also, he edited both models in order to fit them to Sonic's skeleton, meaning already things would go badly. And Powered Up is what? At least 5 years old and for the PSP? Cut them some slack there.

  11. @Rock-X 3DS version isn't as good as console version. Just letting you know

  12. @Anon 2:
    You are seriously complaining about this? This is a fan-effort. You're upset that a fan put two of his favorite Megamen into a game-mod? I can understand being uninterested, but you sound like you're in downright opposition.

    Also it makes more sense to have Megaman and X for a mod of Sonic Generations. The two are the closest in terms of timeline and proportions. It's not like Sonic has realistic proportions.

    At any rate... I'm very impressed. The only additional thing that might would be neat would be to change the level designs to actually match Megaman levels; but I do understand that it would be an incredibly difficult task to do that. I also like the Copy Megaman idea for Metal Sonic.

  13. People are surprised that the models look kinda out-of-place in regards to their quality compared to the rest of the game?

    They're models taken from Maverick Hunter X and Megaman Powered Up. Low-res models that were meant for a smaller screen, while Sonic Generation was designed for High Definition screens and consoles.

    Though, speaking of which, I wouldn't mind a PSN-XBLA release of MHX in HD with trophies/achievements and stuff.


  14. @Amir

    Capcom realized despite MHX being a good game by the fans, it didn't make them any money, so yeah, a PSN/XBL HD version of MHX is out of the question since knowing Capcom, they aren't gonna risk it.

    *Sigh* I miss the old days of Capcom when they made good games.

  15. @Amir:

    The "X" and Zero models are definitely not ripped from Maverick Hunter X. Rather, they were ripped from Marvel VS Capcom 3, where X is just an alternate costume for Zero. You can tell by the polygon count. MHX is on par with Powered Up, while MVSC3 is far better in appearance.

    You are correct about Mega Man, however.

  16. @Amir: Actually, his X model is from Marvel vs Capcom. He even says so in the video description. However he had to fiddle with the model, which is why its not at best quality.

  17. Super Mega Sonic ManOctober 29, 2012 at 11:22 AM

    The video description says he did tried to change Shadow's stage to look like the Highway, but it didn't work well.

    He also mentioned there is no Bass texture to be used (well, there is MMB&C, but only his head...), but he could have used "Mega Man?" or Proto Man instead.
    By the way, the Zero and X textures are from MvC3, not MHX.

    Also, if MMPU is not of one's taste, try getting Mega Man's texture from the Dreamcast game Cannon Spike. (Or Mega Man Universe, if im-possible...)

    Tails = Light
    Amy = Roll
    Knuckles = Guts Man
    Eggman = Wily
    Super Sonic = X with armor

  18. That was charming as sheeeee-yit.

  19. The X and Zero are from MvC3?

    Wow, they look REALLY weird without the filters and comic-style textures that MvC3 adds to the game.

  20. X...break-dancing. That is just...all kinds of win, right there.
    In, all, this was quite awesome. Loved it. For fan work, that was really pretty good, and I really liked it. Thanks for sharing this Protodude. ^^

    Also, Rayman. Love me some Rayman too.

  21. @ The Cucuyo:

    Agreeing with you on X breakdancing. That was awesome.

    First he kicks Zero's ass grinning about it and then he celebrates by breakdancing? Wow, this week has been awesome in terms of giving MM (and X) some well-deserved love and it's all been fan efforts. Loooveeee ittttt. ^^

  22. that was awesome yet hilarious at the same time, seeing megaman spindash was too funny. the x and zero fight was quite epic though.


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