Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mega Man X, Tron Bonne and Servbot Joining Capcom All Stars

Capcom shared today first details on Capcom All Stars, With Everyone -- the GREE-based social RPG that's unfortunately not the fighter we were all hoping for.

All Stars' gameplay is heavily focused on card battling. You'll have to collect cards of a number of famous Capcom characters, and square off against some familiar foes. Promotional artwork released today confirms Mega Man X and Tron Bonne cards. And where there's Tron, there's usually a Servbot nearby, too!

All Stars is due out in Japan on October 25th. The game will be compatible for iOS 4.3 and up, and Android 2.2 and up. Check out more screens and details at Siliconera.

Thanks to Rock Volnutt for the tip!


  1. trolling with that rocket.

  2. More putrid discharge from Capcom.

    Call me when they make something remotely enticing.

  3. There's no way they didn't know what they were doing when they made that rocket. That's just spiteful.

  4. I'm honestly not sure how to feel about that rocket.

    "Putrid discharge" might be a bit too harsh, but yeah, this wouldn't interest me much even if I had the necessary phone/membership.

  5. If this game can appear on Installous or AppCake, I'll play it and stuff.

    If not, then whatever, I'll just wait for someone to do a full rip of all the card images. I kinda liked the artworks for the other Capcom-based card games (mainly the SNK VS Capcom Card Fighter games)

    PS: lol, my captcha said "hot-blooded 22"

  6. Umm.. What's wrong with Capcom ?? They always does that to mobiles. Whats happening to consoles and portable video game such as 3DS and PSVITA ? Oh man!


  8. The X series has been showing up a lot lately. Way more than the other series. Except for Legends, of course. Hmm... Maybe, just maybe, Capcom might be hinting at finally doing right by the fans and giving us the games we have been clamoring about for years now (Legends 3 and X9). Maybe they're taking so long to announce a return of Legends 3 because they're waiting to put the team back together, since, y'know, they all had other assignments to work on after the cancellation. Hearing X9 and Legends as an anniversary announcement would be pretty cool, right?

    Guys, I'm just trying to be hopeful . Way too much hate and bile gets spewed out on here these days. Is that the face of our community now? For some people it is, I guess. But I think it's time to stop being so bitter, let go, and look with some enthusiasm towards the horizon.

  9. MNV, I appreciate your optimism, but I feel you're being far too naive. I'm hoping against hope that Capcom does that too, but I also know they don't give a flying fish about Megaman anymore, and the odds of them doing a complete 180 in their attitude at this point are ludicrously small.

    Besides, it's not like we don't have a reason to be ticked off. When you get your emotions played with enough, eventually they break and turn sour.

  10. Fantasy Empress RolinaOctober 4, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    @MNV: I think the problem was that most of us were hopeful for legends, and that after getting our hopes dashed, we've become more and more cynical. It's hard to hold onto hope when all you have to grasp are straws.

    It's not that I'm disagreeing with you - it'd be very nice to see something come from these supposed hints, but... For many of us, it looks like capcom just doesn't care anymore.

    I'd have loved it if Xover had controls like WEWY or something, since that'd make sense for a touch screen device, but... from what we've seen with that, it's very unlikely that they're really gonna put much effort into a new game. If a new MMX game was announced, rather than the "Yes, finally" you'd expect, at this point you'll probably start hearing "Those jerks had better not screw this up."

    It's sad, but... after being burned so much, we've just become a very bitter fanbase.

  11. @MNV: Yes, look to the horizon with enthusiasm...

    There's nothing to look at. Game-wise, at least.

    Optimism is fine, but it has to be tempered with realism. All of these X and Legends cameos might mean something, but at the same time, maybe Tron and her Servobts are only showing up because they've been in crossovers before. (Perhaps X's recent use in crossovers is penance for UMvC3? I hope that's it, but...)

  12. @MNV

    There's a thin line between optimsm and naivety. Sure, bitterness and hatred get us nowhere fast, but blatantly wishful thinking (ie X9 out of fucking nothing, near-impossible Legends 3 revival) has an equally pointless non-effect.

    Also, it's not pessimism when reality (ie cancellation after cancellation) backs up our perception of CAPCOM not exactly giving any priority to the Megaman [VIDEO GAME] franchise.

    As Sven, CoA's mouthpiece and (somewhat unfairly blamed) scapegoat for the fanbase, would say, "Keep your expectations in check, please."

  13. This looks really cool, and I'm interested, but I don't know much about GREE. Is this a Japan-only release?

  14. So... on a more neutral note...

    Is this kind of what a Powered Up version of X and Tron would look like?

    They look decent enough in that style.

  15. Um, yeeeaaaah. I'm definitely in agreement with what people have been saying about that rocket being a giant middle finger. It's almost like that copout line during the Time Eater cutscene in Sonic Generations, only far worse.

  16. That rocket pointed at moon. It is like Capcom is never done trolling.

    And people wonder why the fans are so pissed and they have the guts to compare us to Sonic fans who always got at least effort in their big budget console releases.

    I don't expect anything from Capcom by this point really. I just wish they don't run this franchise to ground even more as if the current situation isn't low enough already.
    We have literally passed the Satan's wine cellar people.

  17. this sounds pretty lame :( I hope a real megaman game will be made again someday, a actual retail release and not a digital download.

  18. "focused on card battling"

    caaaaaaaaaaaaaalled it XD

  19. As usual the haters come out of the woodwork.


    Hey, Im down for a card battler with Capcom cards. It'd be like Heroes versus Heralds, only its an actual card game.

    ...wait, what the heck is GREE? *goes to look it up*

  20. Too bad this means nothing to people outside Japan.

    I installed gree and fudged my way though jap websites only to get the wondrous message "this game ain't for you, gai-jin!, move to Japan."

    Or something. I may be inebriated at this point.

  21. @Amir:
    And Rockman rips from Minna to Akashic Heroes!

  22. The games are no longer available. How can we get their apk files to rip their content?


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