Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ZX Manga Price Cut, Vol.2 Dated

A couple of Mega Man ZX manga related updates coming from Amazon.com:

Volume 1 received a small price drop over this holiday season, marked down from $13 to $10.36. The book is still on-track for a March 29, 2010 release, but with UDON, you never know. 

Meanwhile, Amazon has opened up a pre-order page for the second, and final volume in the series. Volume 2 is looking to release five months after its predecessor, slated to release July14th.  A bit of a wait, but I'm sure UDON's other upcoming Mega Man books will keep you busy 'till then.


  1. Also I received both the MM and MMX Complete Works today :D

    ZX and the Megamix are already on order XD~

  2. Got my MM and MMX Complete works in the mail on Xmas Eve, good timing hah. I'll probably be getting the Mega Mix mangas though, not too interested in the ZX mangas

  3. I like the ZX manga for giving Model ZX an Overdrive. If only the game had done that! I'm overjoyed we're finally getting mangas outside Battle Network! Thanks Udon!


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