Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Japanese PlayStation Store Gets More Rockman

A new batch of PSP Rockman games will be added to the Japanese Playstation Store on Dec 26th; four classics priced at 1,500 Yen ($15) a piece:

Rockman DASH
Rockman DASH 2
Rockman Rockman
Irregular Hunter X

Amidst the group are three as of yet released games on the service outside of Japan (DASH, DASH2, RR).  Irregular Hunter X (Maverick Hunter X) was added to the North American PS Store not too long ago.

Needless to say, the three would be welcome additions to the North American and European stores.

Source: Inside-Games


  1. This is an ignorant comment, but I honestly don't know. When these games are re-released on the PS Store, are they still for the PSP (i.e. PSP Go)?

  2. OK, I was just thinking that it would have been interesting if you could also play them on the PS3 or something. Still, it's great that they are re-releasing this stuff!

  3. Are The DASH games the original PSX versions or the new PSP updates?

  4. http://www.capcom-unity.com/ask_capcom/go/thread/view/7371/21978897?sdb=1&pg=last#380980669

    Capcom NA is working on it...

    PSP version though? Too bad... I won't be able to get it then.


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