Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sample Mega Man 10 Soundtrack

Rockman Perfect Memories has whipped up a sample Mega Man 10 soundtrack. 5 tracks in all, the unofficial compilation contains music rips from various MM10 resources like gameplay videos, and the English homepageDownload it here!

Thanks, Vixy!


  1. Awesome of them to do this. Here are my thoughts on what these songs are:

    Track 1 - Intro Part 1. Very short loop, "foreboding" type sound.
    Track 2 - Intro Part 2. Could also be a stage theme, but it just feels like a cutscene to me. Not necessarily because it plays over the intro in the trailer.
    Track 3 - Menu/Save/Password. Catchy, repetitive, loops quickly.
    Track 4 - Ice Stage, maybe? This is almost certainly one of the Robot Master stages. And this song is AWESOME, by the way. Could almost be a Wily Stage theme thanks to its epic/tragic sound, but I can't imagine they'd leak a Wily Castle theme so quickly. Plus, there's a somewhat happy/jolly segment near the end that would sound out of place in a Wily stage.
    Track 5 - Shop. Has kind of a light, whimsical feel, similar to Roll's shop theme from Mega Man 9. Plus, it loops pretty quickly, so I doubt it's a stage theme.

    Wonder if I'm anywhere near on the mark. Guess we'll see. :)

  2. I agree with almost all of the above, but I think track 4 is for the stadium stage - listen to the part starting about 42 seconds in. An upbeat little part, followed by a kind of 8-bit chant - sounds very sporty to me.

    Me-ga-man! Me-ga-man!
    Super robot Megaman!
    Me-ga-man! Me-ga-man! GO!

    ...I'm sure there are better ways to fit lyrics to that, but you get the idea.

  3. Track 2 is most likely a stage theme like Tornado Man's theme was used on trailers for MM9

  4. Yeah, Track 2 was definitely a stage theme, and it even sounds like Tornado Man's theme a little. Also, this trailer is pretty similar. I shows the silhouettes of the robot masters just like in MM9's trailer, but this is their sprite's silhouettes.

  5. Go play Megaman 2 and go to Wily's Fortress.

    Now put on Track 2.


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