Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Got 'Evangelion' In My Mega Man Legends

Ripped by Metalman and reported by PRC reader XHunter, a supposed image of Evangelion Unit-00's head (of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame) lies hidden within the texture data of the Cannam Reaverbot from Mega Man Legends 1...

Cannam texture on left. Alleged Unit-00 head the right:

For comparison, Unit-00 as seen in Evangelion:

Incidentally, Unit-00 shares the Reaverbots' most prominent feature: the mono-red eye...

An intentional reference sneaked in by one of the game's artists?

Good eye, Xhunter. Good eye.


  1. Awesome! I see it!

  2. Awesome! I know NGE is that popular, but it's still unexpected. Kind of funny that they changed the color scheme to match the Reaverbots.

  3. This ain't a Hanmuru Doll.

  4. Megaman 11-14 will all be in 8-BIT.

    After all, it's not milking if it's 8-Bit, right?


  5. If you listen closely to the sound effects to the game, you can even hear some sound effects from the show. Like opening electronic gates/doors for example. I'll provide some examples soon.

    Also, if you look at some conceptual art for the game, you'll notice some even more interesting similarities to the background art to Evangelion.

    1. This XD rewatching Evangelion on netflix and keep hearing legends sounds XD

  6. Whoops, sorry Protodude, I made another comment that was meant to go in a different post.

    I'll just make the comment in the proper post and you can delete this and the other one.

  7. What's the picture in the center of the blocks next to the head?

  8. That's cool! There are hidden robots in texture from MML2 too. Are they from a anime?

    Here are the unused parts from the textures of Mega, Roll and Barrell:

    @ ShadowNeko003:
    I believe it's smoke from explosions and the Hammur Doll scene.

  9. @ MetalMan

    ... one's a gundam. Preeetty sure it's a gundam.

  10. @Metalman:

    The brown one is actually a Zaku Z'gok from the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

    The red and white mech, a GM MS from Gundam.

    Great finds!

  11. Sorry to correct you, Protodude, but that's an Acguy. The remaining one is the little-known mobile armor Zakrello. Odd choice there, it was pretty much forgotten after the original series.


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