Monday, December 21, 2009

Meet The E-Tank

Team Fortress 2 fans are gonna love this one. Video Game Guy uploaded a Mega Man mod for TF2 not too long ago, which edits Scout's 'Bonk' energy drink power-up into an E-Tank:

The guise provides no additional abilities for the power-up, it's merely a skin swap, but a neat one nonetheless. You can grab the texture for yourself at FPSbanana.


  1. I love it when people combine two of my favorite games to make something awesome.

    Now somebody should remake the Scout's batter's helmet. RED would be Proto Man's helmet and BLU would be Mega Man's.

  2. There's a Megaman helmet already (albeit a sucky one). And the Razorback is made into the Proto Shield, but you need to edit it a bit (the dolt didn't set it to use the right texture).

    I'm just waiting for someone to change the Sentry's Rocket Launcher into a Mettaur.


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