Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Mega Man 10 Screens From Nintendo Power

Reader Luis obtained the latest issue of Nintendo Power, and has generously scanned a few new screen shots from the mag's Mega Man 10 preview:

(We covered Nintendo Power's preview for MM10 the other day, but now we have some visuals to coincide with it):

The top left image shows off the new fire-based stage, said to contain conveyor belts that push you down, lava pits, and enemies that duplicate themselves.

Top right, the computer-themed stage. Mega Man faces off against the new mouse-pointer enemy who draws boxes and uses them as projectiles.

Bottom left, the desert-themed stage. Sandstorms make this stage a pain as they obscure your vision and push you into unseen spikes and traps.

The final screen, bottom right, the sewer stage features new slug-like Mets (not pictured).

Full Nintendo Power summary available here.


  1. I'm only seeing pellet shots, how about you guys?

    I sure hope Charge and Slide are unlockables or items. Would be nice to make those optional, for the sake of the core gameplay.

  2. It's already been confirmed that Mega Man still can't charge or slide. That's why Proto Man is available from the beginning, for those who want that. We still don't know if Proto Man has his double damage/knockback handicap brought back, but I hope so. It always set him apart from Mega Man in a realistic way (being the prototype of Mega Man and having a glitch in his core components).

    I agree that it would be nice to have those be unlockable for Mega Man (since I prefer playing as him to anyone else), but I honestly didn't miss sliding and charging as much as I thought I would in Mega Man 9. I didn't really miss them at all, actually. I kind of liked how it brought the Classic series gameplay down to its bare roots, and while Mega Man 9 wasn't very hard, it was still harder than Mega Man 4-6, which were all made *far* too easy thanks to the charged shot.

    I'd kind of like to see sliding brought back, though. Sliding, to me, wasn't so much an automatic advantage as it was a neat mechanic that could be used to help or hinder your situation, depending on how adept you were at using it (sliding into attacks/bosses rather than underneath or away from them). Plus, for good players, sliding was a great way to get around faster and/or speed-run.

  3. I do think the simple run and gun gameplay of 1-3 did have its own merit.

    But the Charge and Slide have their own strategy, too. 4-8 had their own challenges even though Mega Man had these other capabilities. MM3 made sliding part of perfectly countering the boss' strategies, rather than allowing the player to run, or slide, circles around them.

    I find Crystal Man's stage very similar to Jewel Man's. Pits, spiked obstacles, having to wait before making a jump; it doesn't have to detract from the stage mechanics, and I don't think it did.

    Sliding also broke up the pace of just running.

  4. That fire stage reminds me of Flame Mammoth's stage for some reason. Not that that's a bad thing though.

    As far as sliding and charging for Mega Man goes, I can live without charging up the Mega Buster, but I still miss the sliding.

  5. Judging by common tiles, the desert stage is CommandoMan's, and the computer stage belongs to SheepMan. The first does make some sense, but the second I can only see the 'electricity' connection. This leaves the ice, sewer, stadium, and lava stages with unknown bosses, and then two more we know nothing at all about.

  6. Maybe for the fire-based stage, the robot master who is controlling it is a new chracter called "pyroman"?

    (Just my prediction).


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