Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nintendo Power Reveals Mega Man 10

It was only a matter of time. Nintendo Power confirms Mega Man 10 for WiiWare...

Info summary courtesy of GoNintendo:

- Mega Man is looking for a vaccine-making device to fight the 'Robotenza', which causes robots to overheat and go crazy
- play as Proto Man right from the start.
- third playable character yet to be revealed.
- computer-themed stage with mouse pointer enemies that draw boxes to throw at you, color-changing disappearing blocks, power treadmills and more
- lava level, vertically oriented, lava pools, block shaped enemies that can duplicate themselves, conveyor belts that push you down
- Only robot master revealed is 'Sheep Man.'

- Sheep Man: turns into 4 clouds that hover above and attack with lightning, earn Thunder Wool for lightning attacks
- features an easy mode

UPDATE 2:  Capcom confirms it. 

UPDATE 3:  Screenshots courtesy of NeoGaf:

UPDATE (12/10/09): If rumors are to be believed, MM10 will have some form of multiplayer and Bass as the third playable character. Courtesy of GoNintendo:
Reader SeiferA sent in this rumor a few days back, but I held off from posting. Basically, it was a collection of rumored info on Mega Man 10. The post itself is dated from November 21st. When I first read through, I thought the information to be a little too detailed to be spot-on, so I held onto it. Imagine my surprise when Nintendo Power confirmed the game today.

Below I've posted the info, word-for-word. As you can see, there is plenty of information that was 100% correct. There's also some other information that hasn't been revealed yet. It may be mentioned in the full Nintendo Power issue, or Capcom might be holding onto it a bit longer. Of course, it could be fake as well. With that said, I feel that I have to share it with you, since the majority of the info turned out to be the real deal.

It will be WiiWare and keep the 8-bit style. 360 and PS3 seems likely, but I was only outright told WiiWare.
It will have no relation to Mega Man X (just pointing this out, since some people might think they might choose to do that with X equating to 10.)
Both Mega Man and Proto Man are playable (it appears Proto Man will be unlockable, or become available at some point midway through the game.)
There will be DLC to play as Bass. His gameplay will be based on how he played in Mega Man & Bass.

The ’story’ is basically as such: Robots get a virus that makes them sick. Roll catches it, Mega Man has to get Wily’s help to find a cure (Wily claims he has nothing to do with it, but… yeah), and the 8 bosses each hold part of the cure.
And here is the biggy… it will be two players. No idea if story mode will be two people, or if there will be some specialized two player mode though.
And oh yes… it’s far enough along that it is already being translated into English.

Make of this what you will.  Full story at GoNintendo.

More updates as soon as they come in. I'll be keeping you posted!


  1. lol.. sheepman...
    that was really unexpected..! wonder if we will get any new features in this one?
    Time will tell

  2. Jesus christ on a popsicle stick! That was unexpected! But...its the tenth game. Hope they have something special in store...

  3. megaman and protoman look so cool in that poster! Looks great!

  4. Yes, yes, yes! As much as I loved 9, I hope this one won't try to be a MM2 redux again.

  5. >sheepman


  6. in b4 Forte confirmed as 3rd playable character.

  7. OMYGOD! :O YES!! Will Bass maybe be the third playable character? Or Roll???

  8. I must say, that was rather unexpected. Capcom hasn't even hinted at a MM10 from what I remember; this seems to have come out of nowhere.

  9. Hahaha very funny Protodude!

    Oh,wait, today is not April 1st?


  10. The Oblivious PrattlerDecember 9, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    Sheep Man? Yeaaaaaaah. And why does this story sound a bit like Network Transmission? I guess it's just the vaccine part. Well, now that Capcom has made a tenth game, I think they need to go back to another series, like X, and catch it up. That'd thrill me.

  11. >New promotional art

    >Sheep Man

  12. Well, my day just became a thousand times better. :D

  13. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Soooo unexpected! I cannot believe at all that this is coming out.I am so hyped!

  14. I'm sorry wat

    Well this explains the fuss over MM's 22nd anniversary next week.

  15. About the promotion art : ok the joke about MM1 boxart si over now...

    give me a manga promotion art !

  16. Sheep Man has to be the funniest Robot Master yet. Makes Charge Man look dignified.




  19. Wow... Just wow... This came out of absolutely nowhere, I did not see that coming. THIS JUST MADE MY DAY MUCH BRIGHTER! =D I can't wait!

  20. Holy crap! Capcom went and announced this early on me!

    This is what I was talking about in the post about Mega Man's 22nd birthday! Like Mega Man 9 before its announcement, I've been lucky enough to be privy to the information (through the fine folks at UDON) that Mega Man 10 was coming for awhile now (since July?), but to my understanding, it wasn't to be announced until next June. No complaints here, though!

    SO DAMN EXCITED!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    Third playable character has gotta be Bass... that would definitely make up for his absence in Mega Man 9.

  21. I think Aqua Man finally found someone to make fun of. :P

    BTW, I was having a really lousy day until I came to this site. Thanks Mega Man. You're always there for me. :D

  22. This was expected, though it's come a little sooner than I anticipated (I was thinking we wouldn't hear anything till sometime next year). Mega Man X9 will probably only be a little while away, then.

  23. Still no love for X & L...

  24. Sheepman looks retarded. This is a bad marketing strategy. Where're the Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X sequels? No X9 with SNES graphics? Psh. Color me unimpressed.

  25. Oh also, Roll is the third playable character. Or Bass. And if Bass ain't in this one, Imma be super pissed.

  26. As excited as I am about this news, I'm kind of afraid too. To me, other than the absence of Bass and a very anti climatic Wily 1 boss, MM9 was pretty much perfect.
    Those are though shoes to fill and especially with MM9 still so fresh in our memory, it's going to get compared to 9 from day 1.

    Is there any information on who's developing it? I sure hope it's Inti again.

  27. Really? Another 8-bit retro throwback?
    It'd be one thing if they had done a 16-bit MMX9, but doing another 8-bit MMC is just milking it

  28. Sheep Man: Pretty sure this is just an intentional joke about the people excited for this game.

  29. Another wiiware 8 bit Megaman, with, the way they describe Protoman, the same mechanics as 9, 1-2 Megaman.
    ridiculous NA style box art, and a ridiculous boss.

    Megaman classic is dead.
    Capcom, you're dead to me.

  30. Oh cry me a river, Flame.

  31. Incredible. Guess Capcom has finally realized that the hobby games are dead.

    32-bit X9 please...

  32. "Sheep Man: Pretty sure this is just an intentional joke about the people excited for this game."

    My bet it's a reference to the Flock sheep, the shape of the body is pretty identical.

  33. OH F**K YES!

    I can say that the box art looks nice.

    I wonder if Capcom will do something similar to the Megaman 9 Press Kit

  34. I can't decide if Sheep Man is an example of brilliant genius or scraping the bottom of the Robot Master barrel. I mean, honestly, Thunder Wool? Is Capcom openly parodying their franchise's bizarre elements? Either way, more classic Mega Man is always a good thing and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

  35. i bet that the 3rd character is bass

  36. :\ I wanted MM10 just as much as the next guy, but really? Another 8 bit?

    And people think this is a godsend while claiming all the "hobby" games are the same. What a crock.

  37. ...I leave for 4 f*cking hours and Mega Man 10 is announced!?


    ...This is either the second coming of Jesus...or one hell of a joke. MY GOD!

  38. No...this isn't a joke...that art is brand new. BRAND NEW!

    My eyes are NOT deceiving me! IT IS MEGA MAN 10!


  39. Nice, this is why it's the classic megaman series, taking it back old school. 8-bit graphics are perfect for the original classic megaman. For those that want an 32-bit X9, NO! The X series is doing pretty fine and the graphics presented in X8 was pretty damn good IMHO. I hope they continue it with the same style.

  40. I came.

    Good job, Capcom. But Mega Man Legends 3 is in another castle.

    Still epiccally awesome. =) I'm buying this day one, just like MM9.

  41. Megaman 11-14 will all be in 8-BIT.

    After all, it's not milking if it's 8-Bit, right?


  42. @People criticizing: C'mon people. You know a lot of people wanted this. Don't deny. And Capcom said that if enough people wanted it, they'd go for it.

    That still dunt explain X9, though. >_>

  43. I like it, but I'd rather have more hobby games IMO.

  44. oh my cyber-god!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that will be asskicking awesome!!
    i was losing my hope reading every so often about that sh$%&ty poke-exe saga. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  45. HOLY MOTHER OF -!!! Rockman 10!!!!!! I think Forte's going to be playable, but I really want it to be Roll.

    Come on X9 or DASH 3!

  46. I must get that promotional poster. I needs that to be my desktop wallpaper right now.

  47. Has anyone else noticed the very Zero-like tuft of "hair" sprouting from that rat robot/maybe-Sheep Man interpretation on the poster?

    I wonder if that was an intentional joke. DAMAGE CONTROL TIME!

    And "LOL" at all those who think Zero's gonna be the third playable character... while there is a (very) outside chance Mega Man 10 could include some allusions/connections to the X series ("Robotenza" = Maverick Virus prototype? It's possible...), Zero being a playable character wouldn't make sense in ANY context. If anything, he'd be a Maverick, not a good guy.

  48. Flame --

    Seriously, come off it. If you're not excited about this, you have little reason to call yourself a Mega Man fan (unless you like only one "kind" of Mega Man games versus the other "kinds," in which case you definitely aren't a fan).

    And the terrible Mega Man 1-esque poster is just a (very funny, and very clever) running gag started with Mega Man 9.

    A lot of people (not necessarily here) seem to be missing this point, so I'll just say it here: those posters are NOT representative any "new" directions Capcom has taken with the actual character designs. See Mega Man 9's cutscenes and/or Inafune's character art for what the true character designs look like. They look like they always have, more or less (Inafune's art looks more like old-school Mega Man from MM 3-6 while MM 9's cutscenes look more like modern Mega Man from MM 7-8, which I prefer).

    Hell, take another look at that Nintendo Power article and you'll see some of the new-old character designs for Mega Man 10 up near the title (that's new art, if I'm not mistaken). The poster is just a big gag. The series, and Capcom, are not "dead." Your ability to reason, though? Jury's out on that one.

  49. I think the 3rd character has a chance to be x, or maybe a new character? Or maybe there's gonna be more playable characters!

  50. New side scroller megaman? Check.
    3 playable characters? Check.
    Indefinitely going to buy this when it comes out? HELL YEA!

    Seriously though, what's sheep man's weakness? Metal shears?

  51. Art resembles DooM a bit for me. The swarm of robots, and X... sorry.. MegaMan shooting one without aiming.

    Yes, the character design for MM resembles a bit, cause of LOL RED CRYSTUL on forehead.

    Anyways, I'm glad they're doing this. They can take their time for X9 or DASH 3 (which is clued even more to be possible soon), and keep up doing nice, time-killing games like MM10 on the side. I just hope they'll tie some loose ends in this game.

    What I dislike about this? The not-so-obscure reference to the Influenza virus (really, Capcom, you're more creative than that).

  52. Man Capcom love to troll us :<

    Even though I'm happy for this new game, it's way to early to release a MM10 when MM9 just came out not too long ago. Why would Capcom act so quick? This is a stupid move!!!

    I was hoping that the 22nd anniversary will cover Legends, or the X series. I just want the cliff hangers they left us at to be filled in.

    As always I'll buy all the games, ports, remakes, but I'm starting to feel used. :(

  53. @MaverickHunterAsh

    I usually don't say this but, Don't feed the troll.

    Just because Capcom didn't release a game that pleased him, he's nothing more than a mad troll.

  54. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGG AWESOME a Mega man 10 i really hope Bass to be the third playable character he is really awesome.

  55. Protoman looks like Shredder in that poster.

  56. Hmm, I'm a bit nervous about this. Mega Man 9 was great as a gimmick, but Mega Man 10 is just pushing it, and reminding a lot of people why they turned off the series in the first place--the formula got stale.

    A Mega Man X10 would have been a fresh change, or better yet, resolutions to the ZX or Legends series. Overall, though, I really think that Mega Man needs a fresh new overhaul. I mean, look at other popular video game franchises. Very few rely on mission pack sequels, but that's all the Mega Man series does, and that's actually why critical reception and sales for Mega Man games have been down for the last few years.

    In any case, I'm certainly happy that there is a new Mega Man game, and I'll continue to be relatively excited, but not completely elated.

  57. Two or three anons are unimpressed with a game that isn't out yet and instantly there are cries of "YOU'RE NOT A TRUE FAN, YOU HATERS".

    Well over a dozen anons practically crap themselves in excitement over a game that isn't out yet and NOBODY is bothering to call sock puppetry?

    GIFT in action, gentlemen; please, carry on with your discussion.

  58. Oh man.. I don;t like this one bit.

    Why aren't they adding a more deep storyline?
    and again with the 8 bit graphics?

    I really want a new ACTION Mega Man game from the x or zx series..

    well..when the game is out at least you will be able to download it from MegaManAyla

    heh [=

  59. Who knows! Maybe Capcom is doing this to save up money for making Legends 3! Let's support the good Mega Man games and buy this, plus all its DLC. X3

    I shall buy this game, not only because it will be awesome, but also because I support the good Mega Man time line. Not that silly EXE stuff.

    Wow. This just popped out of nowhere! I love Capcom~ <3

    Also, on the 'Sheep Man' being lame.. It's not nearly as lame as Bubble Man. Or Clown Man. *Shudders.*

  60. Maybe they'll actually give us some closure instead of making more plotholes. Wait, nevermind, this is Capcom we're talking about.

  61. As a Mega Man fan, I'm really happy with this announcement. Yet at the same time, why this and not Legends 3?

    We got Mega Man 9 because Capcom heard their fans pleads. Now, we bbeg for Mega Man Legends 3 (and some even for X10) and we get Mega Man 10? That makes me feel some disapointment towards Capcom.

  62. @MaverickHunterAsh: "Seriously, come off it. If you're not excited about this, you have little reason to call yourself a Mega Man fan"

    You have no right to say that. You can't call someone not a fan just because they don't like the same things you do. Are people displeased with X7 or EXE6 or Legends 2 or Zero 3 or any other series entry not fans? This is 8-bit. Some people love it, some people want to move on. Thats like a Wii fanboy calling a 360 gamer not a gamer because they don't like 2D mario games. Come on.

  63. Wow, already, and going 8-bit again. Hmmm.

    Cool, though. SheepMan seems like a strange concept though. He looks like a sheep but he's got thunder cloud abilities. Oh well. Can't wait already, too bad not all the Robot Masters were revealed at once like before. Looks like they want to keep us in suspence.

    I think it's cool they're doing 8-bit again, but I think the novelty is going to get old eventually. Also, lol at flu reference. Forte is probably the third character. Second guess is probably Roll. Or maybe they can do something completely different and introduce a new character. Who knows.

  64. @ Kenichi340, last anonymous who posted:

    I didn't cum. And if I did, I wouldn't share it with everyone. That's a disgusting and pathetic way to express your excitement about something. So something's really great and the only way you can think of expressing that excitement is through comparing to the short burst of pleasure we know as "orgasm"? That's not only shallow, it's sad and quite infantile. I'm not trolling, I'm just speaking on behalf of people who kind of wish the internet would grow up a little.

  65. I still haven't managed to buy 9 yet, but I've played it. And I dug the old NES games back out. I love classic Megaman, but I think one 8-bit sequel was enough. Move on now! :) Give me some 2.5D action like MHX or some hand-drawn graphics.

  66. I'm beyond excited for this game, I really am. As for the third playable character... If it ends turns out to be anyone other than Bass, I'm going to rage like you wouldn't believe. I was already pisssed off enough about them leaving him out of Mega Man 9 (supposedly, because of some "upgrade" he was getting, which was a lame excuse if you ask me, since they had no problem adding Proto Man as a playable character WITHOUT a story). This time around, there won't be any excuse for leaving him out whatsoever.

  67. I hope that 2 player thingy is true! New Super Mega Bros Wii would be kickass! C'mon, Capcom! Give us NSMBW! :D


  68. 8bit Mega Man was the true face of classic Mega Man

  69. @Anon:

    Normally, I would agree with you. But because the Mega Man community is made up of a... special... number of people who like to do nothing more than troll, bitch, and moan about EVERY single thing Capcom says or does, I don't in this case. I'm sick and tired of all these so-called "fans" who love only one "kind" of Mega Man game, or hate only the 8-bit games, or who only wanted another "hobby" game, thinks only the "legacy" games should be made... it's all bullshit. I feel awful for Capcom. Sure, they've made mistakes, but to them it must feel fucking impossible to please us fans, because people like Flame have to come along and find SOMETHING to bitch about.

    My point is, whether you're a fan of 8-bit or not, there is no way this could possibly be construed as a bad thing for Mega Man's future. It's Mega Man 10. For eight years, it didn't even look like we were getting Mega Man 9. So seriously, just stop the damn bitching and be happy that Mega Man -- who you're (not you, the collective you) apparently such a huge fan of -- lives on. It may not be exactly the game you wanted to be announced, but really, how many of us get EXACTLY what we want? Grow the hell up already. (again, not you -- I'm talking about people like Flame)


    Uh... seriously? Talking about coming/having an orgasm offends you that much? You might want to stay off the Internet and come back when you have a sense of humor. Sure, it's raunchy and juvenile, but SO IS THE INTERNET. Live a little. And if you're commenting only to present yourself as the moral police, you're missing the point entirely... the point being MEGA MAN 10.

    Regarding the rumors, HOLY CRAP. I hope the two-player thing ends up being true! In fact, when I heard about it, I think I came a little. Oh damn, that must mean I'm ignorant/infantile now.

    Sigh. As exciting as it is when a new Mega Man game gets revealed, it seems these announcements always cause the very worst/most annoying fans to come out of the woodworks and put a damper on the excitement...

  70. @MZ EXE --

    Yeah, you're right. I guess I couldn't help myself this time. But I probably should, as there seem to be more than enough trolls to feed in this thread. x_x

  71. "Live a little?"

    Really? Really? You do realize by being disdainful of someone who thinks referring to fake orgasms is gross is just as time wasting to mention. It's better if all stop lecturing each other.



  73. I hope SSR is the other "hero" playable... though I'm probably in the minority.

  74. "Uh... seriously? Talking about coming/having an orgasm offends you that much? You might want to stay off the Internet and come back when you have a sense of humor. Sure, it's raunchy and juvenile, but SO IS THE INTERNET. Live a little. And if you're commenting only to present yourself as the moral police,"

    How am I the moral police for speaking in favor of dignified speech? I honestly wonder what the deal is with kids these days and young people in general who grew up with the internet and think that "anonymity+free speech" means that you should just say whatever you want without even considering how it reflects on one's self. So what if it's the internet? Even on the internet there's a time and place for things. Using "I came" in non-sexual situations probably originated at 4chan, where raunchy, juevenile talk is encouraged. Is this 4chan? No. We're here to talk about Mega Man, and I think I'm entitled to point out that maybe not everyone is thrilled to hear about sudden ejaculations on account of a VIDEO GAME. I don't need to hear you say that I should toughen up or stop being the moral police, I just needed to speak my mind on the matter and I appreciate Protodude for letting me do so. That's all...thank you.

  75. AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEESSSSSSOOOOOOOOMMMMMMEEE!!! the third playable character is Bass!!!!! i hope it isnt just as rumor or i gonna kill capcom.

  76. I should mention, I am actually very excited about Mega Man 10. I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about how excited I am without mentioning jizzing my pants even once.

  77. ...That's nice and all, but what about those of us who liked the latter games more? Those of us who prefer the style of X, Zero, and ZX more? Or hell, what about the poor Dash fans?

  78. Capcom should have either focused on X/SF/EXE. When I say EXE and SF I mean like sequels. Not "remakes" or "ports". It is too early to release a MMC game.

  79. The rumor posted would make sense. multiplayer platformers seems to be the way of the future, and it seems like a logical advance for RockMan, especially since they seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on Blues.

    Forte as the other playable character makes complete sense too.

  80. Sheep man? They're starting to get a bit more liberal with the animal-themed robot masters, and considering the X and ZX series use nothing BUT animal-themed bosses, they're going to run out of animals before they know it!

  81. Hey all yous. Stop bickering. :D


  83. Manson, Forte as the playable character would make sense only if Classic Rock died in a fire.

    On that note, I pray Capcom does a decent job with this so they can actually justify more Rockman games. As long as the guy who thought SSR1, SSR2, and OSS were good games isn't in full control, I'm happy. Rockman sales plummeted after he became responsible for a good number of Rockman projects.

    I'm all up for any kind of Rockman game as long as the plot and systems can be worked on, but if they pull SSR1, SSR2, and OSS, Capcom can just go die in a fire. If you're going to milk it, at least have the sense to do a good job on your products.

  84. @KidWillow: What's that, you say? Rockman and Forte for the Super Nintendo doesn't exist, you say? Ok. You's da boss.

    Also, if I had to guess, the dudes behind MM9, aka the dudes behind the ZX series, are gonna be doing this again.

  85. @TAG: Er, sorry. I meant that assuming the "this is a 2p game" rumors are true, it would be bloody wrong for Forte to be playable with Rock or Blues at the same time. Somehow, I misworded that REALLY bad. Augh, my brain's been fried for the past week. >_<;;

    On that note, I really think the Zero series and EXE series did the best job with the franchise in terms of execution and handling.

  86. @KidWillow: do you forget the arcade games? in mm2tpf bass also has endings with all the other characters.

  87. X9, ZX 3, Legends 3 and Network Transmission 2 will be all in 8-bit! XD

    Why so many complains on Sheepman?
    If it's just because he's an animal, don't forget Snake Man and Toad Man.
    If it's because of the design, don't forget that the best ones are yet to come!

  88. @ninja: Actually, yes, I did. >_<;;

  89. @Anon --

    And Hornet Man. Technically he would count, too.

  90. I thought it was a myth, but I guess not

  91. Wow, 2-Players, that is quite possibly the coolest Megaman feature thus far...please let it work like that homebrew concept game a while back.

  92. I'm happy and disappointed at the same time. I'm happy because it's a brand new Mega Man game and may have a connection to the X series with the "Robotenza" virus. I'm disappointed because I was really hoping for a Mega Man X9. Anyway, I'm still going to buy it.

  93. @ Maverick Hunter Ashe:

    I love how you are getting offended at my OPINION, key word there, of the visual style.
    You seem more like the troll to me, getting all fired up by what someone else thinks. Let them think what they want! You go and enjoy the game!

    But, fine, Ill bite.

    First off, saying someone is not a true Megaman fan merely because they do not like megaman 10 is like saying someone who does not like the presidents actions is unpatriotic. Its childish.

    Ill admit that my ragey post was inappropriate, Ill give you that much. was just caught up in the moment.

    But I stand by my opinion that keeping Megaman in the past will do more harm than good.

    The fact that megaman is being held back is what causes failures like X7. Capcom is unable to produce a steady stream of ever improving games. They do not have games to improve upon to come to a good style for the current generation of hardwares, whatever they may be. constantly refining the formula and fine tuning it.

    And instead, when they do make a game for them, they have to make a giant leap and make the game blind, without anything to improve upon.
    Now, classic is back to 8 bit after 8 and MM&B, and will most likely continue that way until the fans get tired of it, and so, when capcom tries to bring Megaman into that current generation, they will, once again, have a blind leap in front of them, one which the fans will bitch and moan about, even if they had previously bitched and moaned about the 8 bit graphics of Megaman 382. And Capcom will be at a loss on what to do with Megaman. the cycle will rinse and repeat. or maybe worse.

    THAT is why I dislike the style direction. not just some silly grudge against the style, but out of fear of the harm it could do. That applies ESPECIALLY to the X series.


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