Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fans Translate DASH Comics

Website Mega Man Legends Station truly is the definitive resource for all things Mega Man Legends/Rockman DASH.  Recently, they've translated a series of DASH comics, which until now were only available in Japanese game guide books. 

The comics, starring the ever lovable Bonne family, offer information and profiles on the family's various mechas with a little bit of humor added in:

Check out the rest of the batch at Legends Station's art gallery.


  1. "Wearing a swimsuit at sea? HARLOT! THE GALLOWS WITH YOU!"

    It's not like bikini means that she is going to take a few penises.

  2. Well all of these mechs are from the first game, so it couldn't possibly be from the second game's artbook released at the TGS right?

  3. No, these are from this book.


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