Friday, December 11, 2009

Capcom Giving Away E-Tanks (Update)

If you're in the Los Angelas area this Saturday, bring the following coupon to the Olympic Boulevard to receive your very own complimentary E-Tank energy drink in honor of Spike TV's  Video Game Award Show:

The drink will be available in limited quantities, so it's a "first come, first served basis."

Full details at Capcom-Unity.

UPDATE: More details have been announced in regards to the live 22nd anniversary event:

Full scoop at Capcom-Unity.


  1. I live about ten minutes away. I am SO THERE. :)

    Playable Mega Man 10 demos for all!... I wish.

  2. there's actually more to it than just the energy drink :-)

  3. Are these the US or JPN ones? As if it matters to me lol

  4. Good thing I live in the Los Angles Area good for me, lol

  5. I'd go if only it wasn't going to be a 6 hour drive... :(

  6. wait, what
    I can do this; this is something that I can do.

    Perhaps I will.

  7. Does anyone notice that jgonzo of capcom-unity posted a tip up there ^? Might I suggest the post be updated? (unless it's a fake)

    I'd be all for this but LA is, you know, hundreds of miles away. :/

  8. FFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffff i am working tomorrow from 12-5

    what baloney

  9. Also, I keep eying that capitalization of LIVE...


    This is my conspiracy asshole side speaking. Probably best to disregard it.

  10. If it wasn't raining, I'd go to this event. I live about 30 min away.

  11. Anyone have this - and is in need of cash - I'm offering $50 for it - msg me on emfanno1 (at) hotmail (dot) com - or talk to me on aim: jooeyman

    I can also offer a shitload of rare MegaMan games in exchange.

    Get in touch


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