Monday, December 14, 2009

Mega Man Urban Vinyls Now Available Online

The other day, we received word of JazWares' new Mega Man toys, the urban vinyl collection, arriving at retail.  However, according to a few of you, many stores didn't carry them.  If that's the case, I've got good news for you: the toys are now available online via Toys R

Proto Man Vinyl Figure 5'' - $9.99
Mega Man Vinyl Figure 5'' - $9.99

According to product descriptions, two more vinyls are on they way: Elec Man and Cut Man. They aren't in stock yet, but I imagine they aren't too far off from a release.

In any case, these guys seem like great figures for fans of Mega and Proto, definitely stocking stuffer worthy!

Thanks to reader Lenny for the heads up.


  1. Yes!
    Also am I the only person wondering how Cutman is going to work?

  2. OH YEAH THNX PROTODUDE! I cant wait for Cutman lol.

  3. Man, the Protoman figure is pure awesome. Love the smirk. Next time I clean out the change from the couch he will be mine.


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