Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Mega Man Tees

Word has it that Hot Topic retailers are stocking two brand new Mega Man t-shirts this season. The first shirt features artwork of Mega Man and trusty canine Rush, the second is adorned with 8-bit boss sprites:

Both shirts cost $19.99, and can be purchased from Hot Topic's online store here and here. According to readers Jeff and Erica, Hot Topic are also offering the shirts in-store, so if you don't feel like ordering online, you could hop on over to your local HT and grab them there.

Credits: Jeff, Erica and Capcom Unity


  1. There's also a Mega Man 1 shirt to be found in the clearance section, for no more than 10 dollars.

  2. I got my "I beat the eight Master Robots" t-shirt from there. It has all eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 2. I wear it on days when it feels like it will be a good one. My wife thinks I'm so weird.

  3. This tshirt with character on it is WEIRD. Nah. No thanks.

  4. >"I got my "I beat the eight Master Robots" t-shirt "

    Ah man I want that T shirt :|

  5. I want the t-shirt on the right. NOW.


  6. Aww, I meant to email you about these like a week ago and totally forgot. No creds for me lol. They also had a buy one get one half sale going on this last week. No clue how long that lasts. My store was out of anything but small and x-large on the robot masters shirt, which was the one I wanted of course.

  7. Woot! I got the MegaMan and Rush shirt this morning! Thanks, Santa!

    Truth be told, I'm not too crazy about the 8-bit robot master shirt. Though I did manage to impress my mom and my sister with my nerdiness by naming every single character on it.


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