Saturday, December 12, 2009

Behold, The Mega Man 10 T-Shirt (Update)

"What's in the box!?"  This, apparently:

The shirt, and  E-Tank beverage, were given away to members of the press for Spike TV's Video Game Awards.

As seen on Siliconera. Thanks for the tip, Jordan.

UPDATE: Looks like the press package has hit the Ebay scene:

The whole package can be yours for $99, free shipping. Check out the auction(s) here.


  1. Wow, the logo looks pretty great actually. First retro styled game, MM9, got the MM1 logo treatment. Now MM10 gets 2's logo. What a pattern, lol.

  2. Man, I want me one of those.

  3. I got all this stuff, and I love the shirt since it includes the new retro logo... but it also makes me even more excited to see the real (in-game) logo. I just know there's gonna be something warm and fuzzy about seeing "10" next to that iconic Mega Man logo...

  4. I really want that shirt. I've never wanted to get a vg game ever but that picture is just too epic.

  5. that´s one of a hell big cheese cake hahahaha!!!!!!!!!


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