Saturday, September 26, 2009

Even More OSS Details

Dark Messiah got his hands on the trial version of Operate Shooting Star yesterday, and saw fit to describe his playthrough on his blog:  (Translation provided by The Mega Man Network)
-The opening animation sequence to OSS is similar to BN5DS, combining still images.
-Recovery causes the screen to darken, pausing the battle (as it did originally)
-Long Sword does 100 damage (it only did 80 in the original BN)
-When playing as Star Force MegaMan, you press X to lock on, and hold B for rapid fire. The buster likely will auto-charge.
-Star Force MegaMan’s shield cannot be used repeatedly.

SF Mega Man using 'lock-on'

-Aside from the title music, none of the game’s music is arranged so far (but there’s no reason to suspect it won’t be)
-When operating Star Force MegaMan, the music changes to his theme song
-For attacks that pause the game (such as Navi chips), damage is calculated as the attacks progress, as opposed to being calculated after the screen undarkens

-The degree of difficulty for minigames during scenarios has been adjusted

Frantic fighting in the Star Colosseum

-Details on the MegaMan Star Colosseum: Players are divided into two teams and compete for stars. You select your player and desired rock-paper-scissors attribute. For opponents whose rock-paper-scissors icon is weak to yours, you can attack them with A to steal their stars. You can also touch your allies to give them stars. There are items on the field to change your rock-paper-scissors attribute, as well as other items such as bombs, pitfalls, and speed-up ability. These are activated with B. You can lose items by being attacked. The map also has gimmicks such as vanishing platforms. At the end of the game, it announces which team is victorious by catching the most stars, and then shows individual stats.

Images provided by Gpara


  1. "For attacks that pause the game (such as Navi chips), damage is calculated as the attacks progress, as opposed to being calculated after the screen undarkens"

    Uh oh. Does this mean that StoneMan will only be able to deal 100 points of damage to Navis that flinch and never 200 or 300?

    Er, wait, does flinching happen while the action is frozen?

  2. If he was able to get his hands on the demo, couldn't he give everyone else a ROM dump of it so we could all try it?

  3. Hmm. Weird combination of tweaks from newer series and things remaining from the first game. It darkens the screen but calculates damage during it? Seems like a big messy hodge podge to me. I only hope it sells well so they'll be compelled to make a new EXE game that's actually new.

  4. Did he say anything about how the lock-on works for SSR? Like what directions it can aim. It looks like it can only aim forward based on the screenschot.

  5. @Saito i think proto means the demo at TGS, yeah?

  6. Yes, demo. There's a playable build of OSS out to play at TGS.

  7. I wonder what other battle changes there are? Sucks how recovery dims the screen for no reason. The site needs to update with more info.

  8. Do you know when more info might be coming Protodude? Sorry, I might sound stupid right now but, do you know when the TGS ends? Sorry again for asking such a stupid question Protodude.

  9. No such thing as a stupid quest :)

    Anyway, TGS ends tomorrow. I doubt we will hear anything new as a lot of stuff has already come out from these past three days alone. Future info will most likely come from the official OSS website and magazines such as Coro Coro.

  10. Thank you for answering my question Protodude. I guess that there really isn't such a thing as a stupid quest huh :).

  11. The LongSword does 100... so it's like a shorter FighterSword? I wonder if Sword or WideSword were changed too. I could imagine that WideSword might be changed to do 90, so you see an obvious Sword-WideSword-LongSword progression in finding the Program Advance.

  12. Long Sword being 100 is from EXE6. Why it was changed to 100 is beyond me, but oh well.
    @Ryan: Blinking does not happen during screen dimming attacks, only afterwards.
    @Jerry: If it only aims forward (like it looks-- in SSR3, the design of the arrows in Tuning mode determined Lock On range), then that would at least balance out the ability a little bit. SS RockMan can already move through the whole area, SOMETHING had to be nerfed.
    A lot of the things here seem to just be little nitpicks... Like the "wide screen" sorta thing for battles, and screen dimming for Recovery chips. I hope there are more new Program Advances besides Double RockMan (I wonder if this completely replaces Double Hero...? It would be pointless to have both since they seem to be the exact same thing... though no one complained about the two versions of Twin Leaders). There's a lot of new stuff I hope we get, but the likelihood of them is probably pretty low... I wonder if there's special significance to the fact that the Rockman Star Coliseum seems to take place on Wave Roads sometimes.

  13. There were two versions of Twin Leaders?


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