Monday, September 7, 2009

TRU Listing Reveals Ice Man Figure?

Toys R Us employee Banjo brings word of another Jazwares urban vinyl figure ("JUVIs") appearing on TRU's catalog database: Ice Man.

According to the listing, the five inch figurine has a "to be determined" release date with an estimated $9.99 price tag.

On a sightly different note, Banjo informs us that the intitial figures reported a few days ago have been re-listed with TBD release dates as well; the Oct. 1st date no longer applies.

Banjo will keep us informed about new developments as he learns more.


  1. They got pushed back? Arg.

    Perhaps this is to make up for his Retro Roto figure going into limbo?

  2. We'll probably never see these figures now that the date's TBD


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