Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Intoxicating Tale of DASH 3

Brahman reminded me of this story earlier today, and I felt it deserved a mention here.

What do you get when you let a Capcom employee blog while intoxicated? A terribly cruel Rockman DASH 3 joke. Let me elaborate...

Years ago, shortly after DASH 2's release in Japan, a Capcom employee by the name of "Hideki" made a blog post announcing the production of an episodic-based DASH 3 under the titles of "Rockman DASH 3: Episode 1" and "Rockman DASH 3: Episode 2 ~ Revival! The Dark Lord of the Ruined Country!"

As it turned out, the announcement was quickly edited to inform readers that Hideki was drunk at the time of the writing, and shouldn't be believed. When all was said and done, it turned out to be a joke on their part. Hideki, the DASH episodes, all of it!

Of course, there's a little bit more to the story than that. Read up on the conundrum in full at Brahman's blog.


  1. Geez, that image looks like it was taken from some random H-doujin. XD

  2. Don´t worry. I´m sure that it´ll be a third DASH. Maybe for the next console.

  3. Who doesn't get drunk nowadays? LOL

  4. It was MarshmallowMan that first brought this information to light.

    Hideki only announced "DASH3 Episode2", in the same vein that DASH2 is "DASH2 Episode2". "DASH2 Episode1" was the DASH2 demo included with Tron ni Kobun. The plotline of that demo was like the precursor to the actual DASH2. So by saying that DASH3 was also an episode2, they were implicating another demo would be episode1.

    You've got to forgive this cruel joke, though. At the time of writing, they were sincerely going ahead to make DASH3. In DASH2 they even left out things like Trigger's original design as a Purge Official so that they could use it for DASH3.

    We all know how well that went...

  5. The artist of the Dash series, Hideki Ishikawa?

  6. "Anonymous said...
    The artist of the Dash series, Hideki Ishikawa?"

    I just checked that site out and that Hideki guy is quite a pervert! lol

  7. Seeng this makes me want more MML/Rdash...... -_-

  8. Wow thats a good idea making RockDash an episodes more like Final Fantasy IV



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