Monday, September 28, 2009

Mega Man 2 Makes Top 10 NES Intros

Bam Kapow! saw fit to rank the ten most memorable NES intros of yesteryear. Bursting onto the list at number two is none other than the epicness that is the Mega Man 2 intro:

"All the Mega Man games had fantastic intros.  I selected this one above all the others because the set up just gets you really pumped.  The fantastic music starts of slow as you get a little background text.  Then with the music picking up as you slowly climb the building.  Then…..Mega Man! Hair blowing in the wind, and the real music kicks in.  It just really gets you psyched up."
I couldn't agree more. There's something magnificent about that intro that makes it a timeless classic!

Check out the complete list of intros here.

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