Thursday, September 10, 2009

RUMOR - Zero Playable In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom?

It appears there's been a small leak concerning the new characters in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars. Scrummaging through the HTML source code on the official TvC website, a member of the Shoryuken forums was able to identify file names that correlate with five new fighters, one of which being Zero.

The file names are as follows:


Translation: Zero, Frank West (Dead Rising), Joe Asakura (Gatchaman), Yatterman #2 (Yatterman) and Tekkaman Blade (confirmed by Famitsu).

Seems plausible enough. Of course, don't expect any confirmation from Capcom until TGS; the new fighters are expected to be officially revealed at the show.

[via NeoGaf]


  1. !!!

    Was already sold on this game but now? With (possibly) 3 playable MegaMan characters? TOTALLY hyped for this. Yay! (Not that Trigger wasn't enough, but come on - it's Zero!).

    ...though I wonder which Zero.


  2. fantastic. I'm surprised though that they didn't add in Amaterasu given the final boss of the game is from Okami.

  3. fantastic. I'm surprised though that they didn't add in Amaterasu considering that the final boss in the game is from Okami.

  4. Sounds like a winner to me!

  5. Wow... I got this game back when it first came out, but now they are pulling a Final Fantasy on us...

    If all they are adding are a 5 or 6 characters and Wifi, I normally wouldn't get another of the same game for that... but I do really like Zero. Why can't they just make it an update for the current version!

  6. Seems legit. When's TGS?

  7. If kinda meh about the whole selection itself. The only one i'm pretty stoked about is Frank. He's covered wars ya know? But if it was MMX Zero then guess i'll be fine.

    Now for Tat's side I would have much prefered a different characters besides Joe or Ai-chan. Especially since they got Sotsu on board I was definitely expecting SPC. Hell Kogumi or Soul Taker would hav been nice too. I'm not complaning about Teknoman. I loves me my Teknoman.

  8. Fuck Zero, Frank West might be playable!

  9. Excellent. Just excellent. At the start, I would have preferred X instead of Trigger or the original MegaMan with Rush to counter Cashan and Friender, but Zero shall make up for it! Since the crimson warrior has already been in a VS fighter before, they are familiar with how he would play, thanks to SNK/Playmore, though I am interested at how Capcom would interpret his fighting style. I'm also not too fond of Frank being playable. I mean, at least a Resident Evil character. I am also unsure of Joe because he might be a clone or close to it of Ken. Same with Yatterman 2, though she seems like she would have some interested techniques to say the least.

    Oh...and wheres my Samurai Pizza Cats! >:< lol

  10. Sweet, I hope it's the Zero series Zero. Also Tekkaman Blade, really excited about him, VOL TEKKAAAAAAA.

  11. We're only getting 5 new characters, right? Guess that means no Speed Racer or Samurai Pizza Cats, although I'm very pleased with the Capcom representatives.

    Now, second question. If these are .JPG filenames, where's the pics??

  12. Hmm, I wonder how much truth there is to this. And if it is true, I wonder even more which Zero it is?

    Sorry guys, I'm still bound to non-disclosure. You don't have much longer to wait!

  13. I sure hope it's X series style Zero.

    I too am a bit disappointed at lack of X (of course, I am a fangirl, so.. That goes without saying.) Also a bit sad Amaterasu didn't make the cut. Trigger, Roll, and Zero have all been in Capcom VS games before, it would have been nice to have some fresh blood in there. (Axl, X, hell, even Sigma would have been fun to play as.)

    But, as a Dead Rising fan, I'm happy to see Frank would be in there, I'm sure he'll be interesting to play as! :3

  14. X deserves more love... I'm a little tired of Zero. Well, I just hope to be the RMX Zero. >.>

  15. I'm really hoping for the more heavily armored Maverick Wars era Zero. I don't know if the sleek and small Elf Wars Zero would fit as well with the art direction of the game.


  17. Man I was hoping for some samurai pizza cats action.

  18. This leak seems very legitimate, but I'd like to point out that they seemed to have spelled "charactor" wrong.

    I'd prefer Mega Man X, but I can understand why they would choose Zero over him.

    Now the only question is which series...

  19. To everyone who would rather see X --

    Yeah, me too. He completely owns Zero, we all know it (at least those of you I'm addressing do). Problem is, X would just break the game. Capcom can't put him in because he would flat out break everything... he's just that amazing. That's why they're going with Zero instead... if they are, that is. :P

  20. I wanna know which Zero...
    If it's MegaMan Zero, then dammit, use the MMZ-style! I seen enough X-style Zero to cover my entire games library!

  21. But this is X style Zero in a fighting game. We've already seen MMZ Zero in two fighting games.

  22. @MaverickHunterAsh:


    I guess to an extent, your reasoning makes me feel happier about the lack of X. ^_^ Of course, I'd love to see him in there.. Like I said, all three Mega Man characters have already been in Capcom VS games (Roll in MvsC1 and 2, Trigger in Namco vs Capcom, Zero in SNK vs Capcom)..

    So yeah.

    Of couuursseee... Somebody should go bug Lucas Gilbertson and see if he's been busy doing lines for this thing now, since it seems Zero is gonna be in it. ^___________^ *evil*

  23. @Jeff

    ..because I'm chicken, admittedly so. :P

  24. fuck year!

    I would preferred Toronmisu though.


  25. ZERO!!!!


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