Thursday, September 17, 2009

Irregular Hunter/Rock Rock Soundtrack Details

Thanks to Dark Messiah, we now have ourselves the complete track list for the Irregular Hunter X+Rockman Rockman soundtrack, a bonus CD that was included with with first print editions of the IHX/RR PSP value pack. There's 30 tracks in all; 15 from IHX and another 15 from RR:

Irregular Hunter X 

01. Irregular Hunter X title theme
02. Stage X - Opening theme
03. Stage Select
04. Launch Octopus
05. Chill Penguin
06. Boomer Kuwanger
07. Sting Chameleon
08. Spark Mandrill
09. Armored Armadillo
10. Boss Battle
11. Sigma Stage 1
12. Sigma Stage 2
13. Sigma 1 Battle
14. Sigma 2 battle
15. Vile's Theme

Rockman Rockman

16. Title Theme
 17. Stage Opening
18. Start Stage
19. Cut Man
20. Guts Man
21. Fire Man
22. Elec Man
23. Time Man
24. Oil Man
25. Boss Battle Theme
26. Wily Stage
27. Wily Battle
28. End Roll
29. Construction
30. Japan Construction Stage

As expected, the album consists of select tunes, hence the lack of a number of songs.  A little disheartening, yes, but I will continue to have hopes of an eventually "complete OST" for both games.


  1. Eheh. Your machine translation turned "End Roll" into "Delors Entrance"?

  2. Love the picture of X and Zero with the guitars. I am not much of a guitar fan, but just the fact they are playing music makes me happy, lol.

  3. I just realized this but Bomb Man has a punk-rock mohawk! That Rockman Rockman cover is adorable awesome.

  4. Seens the band is called "Dr. Right Numbers". How Fireman is going to play his guitar? XD

    I'd like to see sequels, but I've heard Capcom would only do then if those games had sold well... and they where more improved then the new EXE remake.


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