Friday, September 4, 2009

Mega Man 2 iPhone On Sale

In honor of Labor Day, Capcom has dropped the prices of a few of their iPhone games, Mega Man 2 included.

From Today till September 7th, you can download the game from iTunes for a mere $2.99, forty-percent off the original $5 price tag.

More detail at Capcom Mobile


  1. When I saw the title of this article, I thought we were actually getting a Megaman iPhone.

    Needless to say, I'm disappointed.

  2. Still isn't worth it. Why pay for this when you could just get the NES emulator and any game you want to run on it (which play much easier and smoothly than this)?

  3. Why would you pay for it rather than use an emulator? Oh, no reason, don't let legality stand in your way.

  4. Assuming you don't own the actual cartridge, of course (for those who I know will follow me with that disclaimer).


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