Friday, September 4, 2009

Yet Another Soundtrack

Hot on the heels of the Rockman DASH 2 art/soundtrack pack comes another CD compilation that Mega Man/Rockman fans might want to take note of. The upcoming "Capcom Music Collection Vol. 0", contains a small amount of songs from a few Rockman games, specifically "Opening Stage" (RMX), Cut Man's Stage (RM1) and a new, never before heard arranged version of Buster Rod-G's stage from Rockman Mega World.

The CD will be initially available at the Tokoyo Game Show, but as with the DASH 2 art/CD pack, the soundtrack will make it's way onto E-Capcom on October 1st for 1,050 yen (approx. $11)


  1. Finally something original. Can't wait to nab it in some form.

  2. Wow, some of the Wily Tower songs were awesome, it's a shame hardly anyone gets to hear them. I wish they'd do all the tracks!


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