Sunday, September 27, 2009

Long Lost Rockman DASH Concept Art Surfaces

Fans of the Rockman DASH series will recall that main character Rock Volnutt was actually an honorary servant of The System of Elysium, bearing the title of "Rockman Trigger".  In DASH 2, it was revealed that there were other beings like Trigger, so called "Rockmen" who served the System with varying roles and occupations.  Unfortunately, we never got a good look at these Rockmen characters, but with the arrival of the newly released "Capcom Special Collection Rockman DASH 2" art book, we now have ourselves something to ogle at. 

Depicted above, a whole slew of different Rockmen: battle units, female units, semi-humanoid units, and a mysterious Rockman who would have been an enemy to Rock Volnutt.

Truly, quite amazing to see these unused concepts after all these years. I can't help but hope that these designs will be put to good use in the future. It'd be a pity to see such awesome designs go to waste.

[via The Mega Man Network]


  1. Neat. I want Megaman Legends 3. Sigh.

  2. Just thought you should know what Heat Man of The Mega Man Network said before anyone else asks for a L3. "Game companies usually don’t release such artwork unless they don’t intend to use them. So does seeing these mean that a lot of potential Legends material has been scrapped now? And does that spell bleakness for the future of the series? Or, could making these public perhaps arouse more interest?"
    What say you, Protodude?

  3. Wow the female unit on the left looks as she could pass as a boss. I'd love to get a render of her.

  4. Don't we all, Anon-#1. Don't we all...

    This really is such a treat. The concepts are often as entertaining as the actual game characters, if you ask me-- the processes of character design and evolution spell out quite a lot.

  5. I saw one of the girls in the first sketch on the cover of a doujinshi and in AndrewDickman's art, so maybe her design was released earlier somewhere?

    These are awesome. :D

  6. @Rock-X: That makes a certain amount of sense, but seeing as we already got several EXE art books... ;D

  7. The girl with the 3 floating objects surrounding her appeared in a Japanese DASH 2 guidebook's concept art gallery. Her armor was colored orange in that book, however.

  8. Hmmm theres alot of MM so they continue it in MMZX remmeber theres alot of MM there, :)


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