Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Capcom Announces Mega Man Tribute Contest

In honor of Mega Man 9's one year anniversary, Capcom is kicking off a special tribute contest where you could win a handful of goods, including one of the very last Mega Man 9 press kits! The details courtesy of Gonzo:
"On this day, a year ago, Mega Man 9 was released on the Wii. Unfortunately, there are no new announcements to be made (sorry, the internet), but there are prizes to be won. Specifically, one of the last Mega Man 9 press kits.

So, what's the catch? Well, we're kicking off a new Mega Man Tribute contest to be judged by a selected panel of Capcom employees. All you have to do is create something to show how passionate you are about Mega Man: baked goods, home-made models, music, videos, art, costumes, etc. Please be sure that it is something new that we haven't seen before OR something that has been improved upon. Your goal should be to warm our cold, jaded hearts on the panel because here at Unity, we've seen tons of fan made Mega Man stuff. If you're not sure if something has been done or not, do a quick search on the site.
15 Runner-Ups will receive codes for Mega Man 9 on your system of choice (as long as we still have the codes in stock).
The grand prize winner of the contest will receive a mint condition, sealed Mega Man 9 press kit!
The contest ends next Friday, October 2nd and we will announce winners shortly afterwards. Good luck! "
Sounds like a lot fun! To enter, send in your crafty creations to this account. Full contest rules available at Capcom Unity.


  1. Disappointment then I dont want to. This contest doesn't excited me at all.

  2. Hmm interesting. Maybe I can cook something up this weekend.

  3. This looks interesting, where are the rules though...? .__.;;

  4. This is awesome!!!

    also, I giggled at the comments on the site. Some people think they're going to win megaman "X9". I-I can't break it to them that they're wrong.

  5. Meh, I'm too lazy to show my megaman love. I guess they just won't get to see my 1:1 scale fully functional w/ AI megaman robot I built....

  6. I would love to win and then have 2 press kits! =P

  7. Missing a space between some links there, buddy.


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