Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mega Man Fan-Film Cast Answers Your Questions

Earlier this month, director Eddie Lebron gave fans an opportunity to submit questions to the cast of his upcoming live action Mega Man fan-film.  Now, those questions have been answered!

Q: What’s your favorite character from Mega Man? and why?

Jun Naito (Mega Man): Probably Elecman because you get multiple hits out of one zap.
Jeanie Tse (Roll):  Roll all the way!  How can someone so cheerful kick so much butt and look cute doing it?
Edward Young (Dr. Light): When I auditioned in January of 2008,  I was utterly unfamiliar with “Mega Man” or any of the ancillary characters.  By choice, until our project was finished, I avoided seeing anything associated with the game or based on it, because I didn’t want the exposure to interfere with me developing Dr. Light as a character of my own interpretation and creation.  Dr. Light has grown to become one of my favorite characters of all the projects I’ve done. I can only hope I’ve captured the expectations of the many Mega Man fans out there.

Q: How comfortable were you when you had to act with the costumes on?

JN: Let’s just say I was much more comfortable in Rock’s clothes.
Alan Fung (Elecman):  It’s fun.  I’ve always loved becoming someone else.  That’s one the of best parts.  Other than that, you just have to get used to actually having something like that costume on and use it to help you bring the character to life.
Wayne Chang (Iceman):  The summer shoot was very tough, because not only the costumes have poor air ventilation; the jump suit also smelled like dead fish. Otherwise, I personally didn’t have any restrictions on movements.  Acting wise, wither or not I’m armored or naked, it didn’t affect how I move forward with the scene.

QDid you play much Mega Man games when you were a little kid?

: I played the first 3 Mega Man games on the NES, but my favorite is the first one.
JT: I didn’t, but my brother Jesh loved Megaman. Jesh is the other main reason why I took this role.  He’s very good at video games, but, for the record, I used to school him at Super Mario Bros.
EY: I’m 50-years-old!  There were no Megaman games when I was a little kid.
Dave Maulbeck (Dr. Wily): No, but in collage I had my original NES and my roommate had Megaman, and yada yada yada, it completed me.  But I have only ever played the original.
AF: I didn’t play much Mega Man to be honest, but I def. knew bout it,.. I think I saw the cartoon more than played the game.  I kinda wish I did.. looks really fun, now looking back at what I missed.

For the complete Q&A session, head on over to the film's official blog


  1. This fanfilm will be awesome!!! I can't wait :D

  2. For a fan-made film, this will be pretty good (I know we've already discussed the idea that everyone has a different vision of a real-life Rockman, etc. etc.). Still, what I find most interesting about the comments of the actors is that most of them have played very little of the "Mega Man" games. I can understand Dr. Light's portrayer (he's 50-years-old and now wanted to develop his own character), but even so...You'd think they'd want to develop some idea of the rest of the plot? Oh well, that's just my thought. I'll still be looking forward to it (Hopefully it'll be in 200X, not 20XX). =)

  3. >Brahman


    We're talking about the same series here?

  4. "I avoided seeing anything associated with the game or based on it, because I didn’t want the exposure to interfere with me developing Dr. Light as a character of my own interpretation and creation"

    Well ignoring the fact that Dr. Light wasn't really developed much in the games, I'd much rather have an accurate portrayal of a character than "my own interpretation." I always hate when people spew that.

  5. @anon
    you'd rather he sound like Elmer Fudd?

  6. @AsianSteev: Not the old cartoon, the games. I wasn't talking specifically about Dr. Light, (since, as I said, he wasn't really developed much in those old 2D games) I was just expressing a general annoyance when actors know nothing about who they are portraying and want to throw all previous information out the window. In this specific case some/lots of liberty has to be taken, and I'm sure he did a stand up job!

  7. @Anon3: Things won't always be the way they are in the originals. Also, you said that Dr. Light's character isn't that deep, but the actor portraying him can't stray from the original? Huh?!

    At the very least, the cast seem to be having a good time. :)

  8. oh yeah yeah, i have a question, can i?? great, well it´s like this:

    Why do all of you waste your times making this kind of movie??

  9. You know, though I'm interested in this fan film... I kind of agree. Since none of them really played the games, and weren't already huge fans, why did they do the movie? Because they're theater lunatics that love acting for the sake of it?

    Ok, well I can see that...


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