Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bonus Goods For Gigamix

It appears Capcom is planning on distributing a slew of limited edition goods with the purchase of 'Rockman Gigamix', Hitoshi Ariga's latest comic anthology, across various retailers:
  • e-Capcom, Capcom Japan's online store, will give away an exclusive Blues themed card (pictured).
  • Tanomikumo stores will award customers with a Battle & Chase postcard (limited to 500) and the option of entering a raffle to win one of five autographed copies of Gigamix.
  • Fukkan plans on distributing some sort of lithograph and, like Tanomikumo, will raffle off five signed copies of the book.
Gigamix is said to not only consist of Ariga' earliest works, but also contain a brand new, never-before-seen comic. No specific on what it's about yet, I'm afraid. We'll just have to wait and see!

Gigamix goes on sale in Japan September 30th for 1,200 (roughly $13 US).


  1. I still need to finish Chapter 3 which Rockman Tanjou needs to post completely.

  2. Early works? Is there sketches from when he was a kid? XD

    I hope it's also released here like Megamix.

  3. Hey, if these recent USA MM Manga releases do well, maybe they will bring this one stateside without a 10 year wait.


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