Thursday, September 11, 2008

SSR3 News Round Up

Whole bunch of SSR3 news from Graping Blog. Translation is based upon Google, so forgive me if a few things sound screwy:

-Graping Blog has gotten a hold of an SSR3 info pamphlet containing new pieces of artwork depicting Rockman and the two Finalize forms (right)

-White Cards are downloaded into a users "profile" for in game use.

-Animation studio, "Production I.G" will be animating SSR3 commercials.

-SSR3 will be present at the upcoming WHF, an exlcusive item will be given away.

Head over to Graping Blog for more pics of the pamphlet.


  1. I like that fuzzed-out interference effect on Rockman, it really makes it look like he's being effected by something big. Noise looks very damaging.

  2. The ear thing on Rockman is shaped more like the Navi symbol ear thingie...

  3. The artwork I've been seeing looks a lot more intense than the other games.

    Production IG?? Heck yeah! *is listening to Inner Universe right now* Those commercials are going to look very cool.

  4. nice, that was uploaded to the official site today and so was the full picture of red joker. pretty good. hey in the database the second lock is now active but the 6digit number is in corocoro. i'm not sure if its in the comic or on the site but if anyone finds anything, please comment.


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