Thursday, September 4, 2008

Semi New 'Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom' Trailer

This is the same trailer we saw before but in higher quality (I.E not shaky cam).

Rockman action begins around '1:30' in.


  1. Did they ever say one character per series? I remember someone in here saying that. I've been wondering that because if that was real then why would there be 3 street fighter characters and 2 Yatterman characters?

  2. each street fighter represents a different street fighter 'series' since the games all play pretty differently from eachother.

    Ryu - Street Fighter
    Chun-Li - Street Fighter II
    Axel - Street Fighter III

    Still wonder who's going to represent Alpha.

    As for Yatterman, they're having Doronjo represent Time Bokan instead of Yatterman.

  3. You need to have higher quality of this video. It is medium quality.

    I dont care about this game. I prefer play major character game such as megaman series only but nice video, thought. :P

  4. I just noticed that the uploader of that video is the same that uploaded some ''Convenience store'' vids and Paffendorf dance xDDD.


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