Thursday, September 4, 2008

MegaMan 3 Hits U.S Mobile Phones

Love MegaMan 3? Got a mobile phone?

Capcom USA has begun distributing MM3 to mobile phones nationwide. Hurray! However, the game is only available to these specific carriers: 'AT&T', 'Sprint' and 'T-Mobile.' Sorry 'Verizon' users :(

Unlike numerous Japanese versions, this one is (supposedly) the complete MM3 experience, Wily stages and all. A nice deal for only $5.99.


  1. Sorry verizon? I think that's a vicious lie, I've been playing that since like July, maybe it is because I have a motorola phone?

  2. :O You know, that's weird-- because usually Verizon is the carrier that has the games. I've always seen "requires a verizon service package" on all ads I've seen of mobile games.

  3. Verizon have Megaman 3 mobile ?!

  4. dammit they dont provide my phone.

  5. yeah verizon does have mega man 3 just downloaded,i have it for lg decoy


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