Thursday, September 25, 2008

MegaMan Legends and Wii: A Perfect Match?

Wiifanboy has written up a lengthy article discussing why MegaMan Legends (Rockman DASH) is ideal series to grace the Wii.

A small excerpt:

"If Mega Man Legends were to be revived for the Wii (or, better yet, get a sequel), the wonders of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk would make it a far more enjoyable affair in terms of movement and shooting. For starters, a more practical use of the nunchuk's analog stick would move Mega Man around, and the C button could snap the camera behind his back to eliminate the annoyance of running in one direction and looking in another -- standard 3D action/adventure controls. To take the C button's functionality a step further, holding it down could activate strafing, eliminating the need for two independent buttons for strafing left/right. And to fire, there's the Wii Remote; a targeting reticule and free aiming with the Wiimote would do wonders to speed up the combat and make it more fun. In fact, Mega Man Legends would work exceptionally well with a very Metroid Prime 3-esque control setup."

I could defiently see something like this happening.

Do you think the Wii is fit to house the Legends/DASH series?

For the rest of the article, head down to Wiifanboy


  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea and great control scheme. Capcom, make it happen. Please!

  2. Why even change it? It worked so damn good in the first two why even bother? I call for classic controller support.

  3. no, Keiji Inafune wanted to create a new one because of the power of the next gen systems. Wii isn't the one known for power.

  4. I think it'll work well!

  5. @anonymous 10:38 am
    That's actually the exact opposite of correct. Inafune has said for years he wants to make a new Legends but that the COST of producing for these new systems is prohibitive. In many ways, MM9 is a test to see if some of Inafune's other dreams can be reborn on the Wii.

  6. @anonymous,

    I dont agreed with you. You do not know everything. Keiji Inafune wanted to create a new one and Wii is a possibly. Please dont be negative. I am sure it will be on WII because PS3 and WII are going to have 10 years life span. Make sense.

  7. I love to dream up wii controls for existing series'. MML3 wii would be awesome! :D

    Oh, and Mr. Inafune NEVER said anything about console power. In fact, I believe he said something about making games for the wii specifically...
    And people keep underestimating the wii! It's powerful enough for all sorts of things!! >:| Yeesh.

  8. Just to add to the argument Capcom now only makes games for all three consoles. So it would be very possible for the wii to get a version of Legends.

    I would love to see the legends on Wii.

  9. @Anon1:

    Inafune simply said he wanted to develope a new DASH game using Lost Planet's game engine, which was designed with DASH in mind.

  10. Inafune hasn't really made any games specifically for the Wii. A PS3/360 release is much more likely. Besides, the only Legends game to be released on a Nintendo system was a terrible port of the PSX game.

    Also that is not what Mega Man 9 was for. It was to reignite interest in Mega Man. The game isn't even exclusive to the Wii anyway, so I don't see how it is to see "Inafune's dreams" which by the way sounds ridiculous.

    You are also wrong about it being because of production costs. It's not that, it's just that he cannot get funding for the game as the previous installments did not sell well. If it was because of production costs, then he wouldn't have made Dead Rising and Lost Planet. Which brings me to my next point.

    Dead Rising and Lost Planet were made with an engine designed for the 360. One of the developers of said engine told Inafune that if he wanted to make a Legends game all they had to do was put Mega Man in it. It was not designed with Legends in mind.

    To the second anonymous, your entire post is hilariously made. Is english not your first language? It's funny that you tell me to make sense.

    I am a fan of the Wii, I have nothing against it. It just works better with the other systems. I mean they just say to use the joystick to move Mega Man. That completely destroys the previous method of controlling Mega Man. There just are not enough buttons for the Wii remote. You would have to be constantly centering the camera, or there would be camera issues.

    Mega Man Legends on the Wii just would not work, at least not nearly as well as on the PS3/360 just going by controller alone.

    Although I am all for more Mega Man on the Wii. Hell, consoles in general.

  11. Framework was made with legends in mind:

    "The Framework engine that we used for our next-gen titles, creating it was not easy -- it took talented individuals. One was the main programmer on Mega Man Legends. He said, while creating it, he was envisioning how Lost Planet would fit in it, and how Dead Rising would fit, and on top of that, now 'any time you want to make a Mega Man Legends game with Framework, it's ready. All I need is the go and we can slap Mega Man in there.'"

  12. "You are also wrong about it being because of production costs. It's not that, it's just that he cannot get funding for the game as the previous installments did not sell well. If it was because of production costs, then he wouldn't have made Dead Rising and Lost Planet."

    That's why you get funding. To pay for production costs. High production costs with little guarantee of profit equals no funding and no DASH 3. Just do a search on the net. Inafune's given this interview time and again. It's a common topic for him.


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