Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Joker Unveiled

The long awaited October Coro Coro is here and with it comes our first look at the 'Red Joker' version of SSR3.

The scoop:

-Each version has its own set of Cards, Noise Changes and Finalized Forms.

-Game features ten "Terror Noises", dark/evil versions of the known Noise Changes. Not much else is known.

-Defeating a foe with a ratio of 100% will reward you a random Card.

-Ratio indicates foe's 'invisibility status. '(?)

-Wave Command Cards are returning, now referred to as "Noise Modification Gear." They come in three variations: Noise Cards (increases abilities, combine five cards), Reason Cards ( Strengthen Finalize Forms and share benefits from your assembled "Team" consisting of real world friends) and White Cards (Allows you to recieve more in game White Cards, similar to Blank Cards)

News Credit COCOROG, The MegaMan Network


  1. Neato! I think I like Red Joker better. Although, I still think they try to pile too many details and stuff onto Rockman's designs. Keep it a bit more simple. Like EXE. XD

  2. Nice, Red Joker kind of looks like an eagle to me. This game is getting better and better.

  3. I was going to get Red Joker once I heard of it, because it's my favorite color. Now, I want it more.


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