Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rockman 9 Wii Supports 'Classic Controller'

Those who feared Rockman 9 Wii would lack the option to use the ever popular Classic Controller should rest easy; it's been confirmed.

Nintendo of Japan's WiiWare page
lists the Classic Controller as an option. Strangely, the Gamecube controller isn't listed.

Don't forget: MegaMan 9 (Wii version) hits North American this Monday! Save some time and input your Wii Points now.


  1. Man, I am seriously going crazy. I am so anxious for this game it ain't even funny. Now that time is so close, it feels like its going so much slower.

    I wonder what time they update the WiiWare/Virtual Console games. I'll be checking all morning. :D

  2. I will probably use the Classic Controller option now, good to here it is an option. ^_^


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