Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inafune Talks Future X Series Titles, RM9 Continuity

Keiji Inafune sat down with the Brazilian Nintendo magazine, "Nintendo World" to discuss all things Rockman. Most of the stuff we've heard again and again, but a few tidbits stood out:

NW: The remakes Maverick Hunter X and Powered Up didn't reach the expected sales. Even so, are there plans to take them to Nintendo consoles or remake them as sequels?

KI: There are no plans to make remakes [of a remake?!] or sequels of these titles at the moment.

NW: Why is the X series over? Is there any intention of continuing it?

KI: It's not that the X series is over, but we're giving it a break. We hope to make more sequels in the future.

NW: Where in the chronology do Mega Man 9 fit in? Will Mega Man 9 be the last episode of the Classic series? Is Mega Man & Bass part of the main chronology?

KI: Basically, the chronology was made to follow Mega Man 8 and be the last/latest in the series. The world of Mega Man & Bass exists paralel to Mega Man 9.

Maybe the idea of an X9 isn't so far fetched? Only time will tell.

More details from the interview soon!

News Credit: Rodrigo Shin


  1. -facepalm- Screw the X Series, wheres mah legends?

    X should stay the way it is now in my opinion.

  2. Oh god, "canon" parallel timelines? Talk about opening up a whole can of worms.

  3. I think he just means that MM&B and MM9 are both after Mega Man 8, with neither necessarily taking precedence over the other in being "first."

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  4. He must have forgot Power Battles existed :(

  5. So, in other words, the same news as it's been for the last few years with X: "Outlook hazy, try again later."

    Just admit it's dead already, Capcom!

  6. Indeed, that is what he meant. I'm also getting tired of all the "hardcore" rockman fans yelling about more classic and X games while also yelling that EXE and the like are crap and should not exist. They're almost never talked about. It's always Classic, X, Classic, X!

  7. for brazilian people these are really old news... I read this NW about two months ago.

    But as you said, he only said what we already know.

  8. "Indeed, that is what he meant. I'm also getting tired of all the "hardcore" rockman fans yelling about more classic and X games while also yelling that EXE and the like are crap and should not exist. They're almost never talked about. It's always Classic, X, Classic, X!"

    Hardcore fans? Don't you mean the true fans that have been playing Rockman since childhood? And for the record, star force and EXE aren't crap. But we have been waiting on RM9 for 11 years!! You wait that long for an EXE/Star force title and then come back and complain.

  9. Whether or not you play Rockman from childhood has no bearing on your fan status. (I incidentally have played since childhood.) What I meant by the quotes around hardcore was the ones who claim to be true Rockman fans, and anything non-classic or X is crap. There are plenty of real Hardcore Rockman fans (no quotes) that like EXE. (And besides, once it gets past a certain point of waiting, it doesn't matter how much longer it is. It feels like ages since EXE6. XD) I can complain all I want if they can. ;) :)

  10. I consider myself to be a hardcore Rockman fan (have been since my childhood) and I do like EXE and Ryuusei. But, I strongly feel that the attention RM9 is receiving is well deserved.

    Unlike the EXE/Ryuusei style games, traditional Rockman gameplay has wide appeal to fans and non fans alike. That is why RM9 is receiving so much press and attention, people are REALLY excited for it.

  11. I sometimes call myself a hardcore fan but I know im not. I've been playing Megaman games since i was a kid and still playing right now (Rockman 2 hacks are awesome) but i never really got into the whole story of it. To me, the real fans are the one's that understand what's going on with the series. But that's just my view on it.

    My honestl real reason for playing megaman games is the music the goes with the stage while im playing the game and the simple gameplay. Megaman music is by far the one of the best and the catchiest music there is in all of video game history. I can't just listen to the music by itself, I have to hear it while im playing. That's what get's me into the game. and im not playing a complicated game just a nice simple side scroller. The music for MM9 is pretty badass.

    I dont think the EXE series suck. I enjoyed 2,3, and 5. I dont think it should have ended the way it did in EXE 6 though. Since this was an RPG I actually payed somewhat attention to the story. I will honestly say i dont like Ryuusei. Music's cool but I just can't go one more than an hour playing it.

    But yeah im not hardcore but i do favor Classic and Legends the most from the rest of the franchise.

  12. Yes, I love EXE but don't like Ryusei much. I'm afraid I'm going to contradict you, Protodude. The EXE series had a wider appeal because it was easier, plus alot of gamers nowadays aren't happy with just plain ol' sidescrolling goodness (sadly). The classic series appeals to old Rockman fans more, sure-- because it has memories. But that doesn't mean it has a wider appeal. ;)

  13. I'd rather see an X9 than an IHX2 (Retcon = bad)... but a MMPU2 sounds neat...

    Hopefully the Virtual Console will help new games pop up.

  14. So While Bass is taking care of MM&B Megaman's taking care of MM9 at the same time? Sucks for wily to get his ass handed to him twice.


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