Monday, September 1, 2008

'MegaMan Star Force' DVD Box Set Art+Details

I totally forgot about this.

Viz Media and Manga Entertainment's 'MegaMan Star Force DVD Set' is scheduled to release November 3rd, 2008 in a 3 disc box set. With a running time of 300 minutes, it is speculated the set will contain the unaired episodes of the dub. (Dub stopped at Japanese episode 24 or so)

You can preorder the set from Amazon UK for £14.98 ($22.00).

As for a release outside of the UK...No clue.
News Credit: ON-Air


  1. will this work on an American DVD player?

  2. I'm not even sure about this being a full season, since 300 minutes would only cover about 30 episodes of the source Japanese material, which would be about 15 dubbed episodes.

    At MOST, of course...

    @Turian: Unless you have a region-free player, probably not. The DVD is specified as a Region 2, whereas USA and Canada is Region 1.

  3. Ewww, dub stopped at Japanese episode 24 or so? No thanks. And this anime is terribly to my opinion. No thanks too.

  4. Must Get!

    Turian, Unless your DVD player is Region 2 (American DVD players are Region 1) then it won't work. Your computer's DVD player will play it though.

  5. Well, the PC DVD drive has a region setting too (though there are ways around it). As it is though, it wouldn't play on a PC either.

  6. awesome do i wish that they all were dubed oh well megamanforever


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