Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MegaMan 9 Retail Package?

Capcom really knows how to make fans nerdgasm.

Apparently, Capcom was hard at work creating a mock MM9 NES box set, but it eventually fell through:

"When we came up with the concept of a "box art" for Mega Man 9, we thought it was kinda funny, since there would be no real retail box for a dowloadable title. The premise of our marketing concept for the game was to promote this title like it was 1987, complete with cheesy art and game descriptions (read the back of the box) that had little to do with the actual game.

We then started to think, well why not? Why don't we recreate an old NES package complete with a real NES cartridge? So, here it is. What do you think?

Unfortunately, we weren't able to put the full game on these cartridges (the licensing and legal issues were a headache and not worth the trouble), but I agree, it would've been cool. Instead, these carts contain a small CD with artwork, game information and screenshots.

Anyway, we're sending these bad boys out this week to our friends from the press. Don't worry, we're thinking about offering a very limited quantity (200) on the Capcom Store, probably with a PSN or XBLA game voucher. Comment below if you're interested.

(Oh yeah, the MM9 shirts are here as well. Darin from the Capcom Store will blog about it once he's ready to make them available. He's just getting back from Indy, but go bug him anyway!)"

Anyone interested? Drop Capcom Unity a comment.


  1. That is incredible, I need that right now, time to go make a capcom unity account haha

  2. must...acquire....this.....*implodes*

  3. Rockman shirt? I already have that~! Or do you mean the shirt with the "Box Art" Or actually.. It IS Box Art now. I just have the black shirt with the 8-bit Rockman on it. Got it from Hot Topic. I'm gonna wear it the day MM9 comes out!

  4. This is totally awesome! Like, seriously! I'll purchase one the MOMENT it's available. :D


  5. No, thanks. I want MegaMan9 firstly.

  6. The game was originally for Wii but now only 360 and PS3 vouchers can get you such a box? Seems really unfair.

  7. I totally agree, the game was originally a Wii exclusive but they ported it. Now they offer PSN and Xbox an exclusive... that's totally lame and completely unfair, we should email Capcom about it.


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