Wednesday, September 3, 2008

E-Can Beverage Has Honey Bee Bodily Fluid After Taste

ITMedia's +D has gotten a hold of the E-Can beverage, easing our curiosity with a report on the product's contents.

The gist of it: The liquid inside is clear as water, taste's like your average sports drink with an added 'Royal Jelly' kick. So...what is Royal Jelly you ask?

"Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of the larvae. It is secreted from the hypopharyngeal glands in the heads of young workers and used (among other substances) to feed all of the larvae in the colony, including those destined to become workers. If a queen is needed, a larva is chosen and will receive only royal jelly — and in large quantities — as its food source for the first four days of its growth, and this rapid, early feeding triggers the development of queen morphology, including the fully developed ovaries needed to lay eggs. Some commercial royal jelly suppliers disseminate misinformation such as "Only queen larvae and adult queens are fed royal jelly". All larvae in a colony are fed royal jelly, and adult bees do not consume it at all."


I don't know about you, but I'm not putting that into my body. No sir. But hey, at least the aluminum can is cool.

Credit: GoNintendo
Thanks for the tip 'joe'


  1. so it's a sports drink with bee spit? Ew? Might taste good though..

  2. I so want one of those. Not to drink but to take the cans lid off and use it as a drinking glass for the rest of my days...... :)

  3. If bee spit is a eww then why do you eat bee honey ? No difference.

    Anyway, maybe a highly protein ? I wonder. :)

  4. @Anon: Actually I dislike honey :)

  5. I fucking love honey. My stepdad is a beekeeper, so I know my way around the different types of honey, pollen, & larvae, & I know what tastes good. I wanna try this.

  6. I wouldn't have drank it anyway, just kept it as is for collecting.

  7. Blaaaagh. I'll pass.

  8. What's bad about bee spit?
    Forget about bird's nest (swallow spit)?

    Seriously though, I wish it will see an outside Japan release...

  9. Well royal jelly is not all that bad. Sure it doesn't taste the slightest like honey but its good for you. Its extremely packed in every vitamin imaginable and I can tell you from personal experience it works wonders. You don't need much, even for mammals as large as humans just dipping the tip of a toothpick once per day and putting it under your tongue will suffice. It can have some side effects but they are limited to being a tad hyperactive(if you don't excercise) and being overly... excited near people meeting your sexual preferences. But it really helps out especially if you're studieing for exams or something. And it can help you recover from illnesses faster than normal. I'd swear that even small injuries healed faster. Now if it wasn't for that excitement thing... well it wasn't too bad I guess ;-)


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