Monday, September 1, 2008

The Mystery of SSR3's 'Side View'

Shooting Star Rockman 3 will mark the return of the beloved “Side View” view of the EXE series...or so it seems.

The last time we've heard any mention of the side view was way back in July's Coro Coro. Since then, we've only seen screens and videos of the third person camera style from previous Shooting Star games. What happened to the side view? Is it still being implemented? Has it been totally dropped?

Rumors around the net have indicated that the side view is an optional feature which can be toggled on/off. PRC reader, 'RoboX' has confirmed this.

'RoboX' a resident of Japan, was fortunate enough to attend the recent Rockman Summer Festival. She had sometime to watch SSR3 in action, and took note that the side view can be toggled on/off simply by pausing the game in battle and selecting “Camera ON.”

RoboX mentioned the name 'side view' is slightly misleading, it should be labeled as a 'pseudo side view' as the camera is positioned to the side and risen up so one can see the battlefeild in its entirety.

The side view adds nothing to the gameplay of SSR3; Rockman is still restricted to the back row, though he can leap forward with the infamous WarRock Attack.

Speaking of the WarRock Attack, RoboX also mentioned SSR3's 'WarRock Attack camera' is intense. When using a WarRock attack in previous games, the camera would zoom in on the action. In SSR3 however, the camera will reposition itself in all sorts of dramatic angles. But, this only applies to the third person view, there are no fancy angles in the side view.

SSR3 sounds like it's shaping up to be a winner. Capcom is going all out to differentiate the title from its predecessors. Though I do wish they would give the overworld a face lift. I'm all for sprites, but some 3D elements couldn't hurt, right?


  1. I was wondering about that, I mean, if you can go forward and backwards in side-view, then why play from behind Rockman? Cause it's far easier if you can go forward and backwards xD. (In my opinion).
    Weeeh that's confirmed for me now, thanks :D.

  2. I could tell it was going to be not-true side-view from the pics. :( Oh well, now I can say that EXE is better in every regard. :)

  3. I suppose we could all just pretend that we're eternally panel locked...I mean, we are, but still...

  4. I have a feeling that new side camera view will give more gameplay to the game. I can see myself getting more hooked to the game with the side camera view option. Add a few more gameplay for all the new forms, Noise system and the return of program advances and you have a pretty good Starforce game that might be better than EXE.

  5. No, the sideview won't provide different gameplay. It has to be the same since you can still use the third-person perspective. Now, if they were to change it entirely to authentic sideview...


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