Saturday, September 13, 2008

Red Joker Takes Over SSR3 Site

Finally, worth while SSR3 official site updates.

Like Black Ace, Red Joker becomes available to Rockman once he obtains the Joker Program made by the Satellite Police.

The Joker Program gives Subaru direct access to the Meteor server, allowing him to transform into Red Joker. Once in Red Joker Finalize, Rockman gains a flame thrower charged shot plus the immensely powerful "Red Gaia Eraser" Noise Force Big Bang attack.

The site update also added a new section; System.

System covers the basics of SSR3 gameplay. The first entry covers how Noise Changes work: Noise Level rises when a Virus is attacked with an 'overkill' none elemental Card.

If your Noise Ratio is at 0%-49% when transformed, Rockman will 'Form Out', the process of changing shape. Changing shape allows added damage to attacks and other abilities.

When Noise is over 50%, Rockman will move to 'Color Out' mode, allowing his transformation to reach its full potential. The example used is Ox Noise: Ox Noise gains a Heat Canon charged shot and the ability to perform its NFB: Atomic Blazer.

Like previous transformations, Noise Changes have elemental weaknesses. If you receive damage from your weakness, the Noise Ratio drops to 0% canceling Noise Change.

So, what happens if the Noise Ratio reaches 200% and beyond? A ratio above 200% allows Rockman access to the Satellite Server, presenting Rockman with exclusive random Cards.


Capcom has opened up a special mobile version of the SSR3 site. Here, visitors can get SSR3 news on their mobile phones and downloadable wallpapers.

The Satellite Serves has updated as well. Entering in the code, 395656, allows you to view a secret document concerning 'Project TC', the ability to Trans On. Also, you can view some schematics of Acid Ace.

News credit: The Undersquare


  1. Neato! If RnR1 was this interesting, maybe I'd like the series more. Who knows. But it will never catch up to EXE in awesomeness. :P

  2. Y'know, I'm very strongly considering buying this title, and I haven't played the previous ones.


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