Friday, September 19, 2008

IGN Reviews MegaMan 9

IGN has written up a fairly lengthy review of MegaMan 9. Overall, they gave it an 8.6, deeming it an "IGN Editor's Choice" award.

The lowdown (on a scale from 1.0-10):

7.0 Presentation
Dated by design, but also exactly what Capcom was going for. The story is lame, some of the master robots look really silly, but it's all intended. Lots of options and fan service to check out.
3.0 Graphics
A true "period piece" in gaming. Hardcore will love it, but when put against other download games, it won't look pretty. We wouldn't have it any other way though. Classic, and dated by design.
8.5 Sound
The throwback, 8-bit riffs are classic. Awesome music. Again, dated, but by design.
9.0 Gameplay
You can run, jump, and fire straight. Despite its simplicity though, Mega Man 9 is a mastery of 2D platforming. A few balance issues with guns and level difficulty can be found at times though.
8.5 Lasting Appeal
It's a short game, but like its 8-bit inspirations, it's also timeless. Once we beat it, we started again. Fun time trials, challenges, future downloadable content, and awesome level work overall.

Does anyone else find the graphics' rating to be a little...unfair?

You can read the full review here.

Thanks to all those who sent this in!


  1. expected them to do that with the graphics score. Gamespot's will probably be even worse.

    what can you do about it <__>

  2. IGN sucks. Can't spell igno.... ah you guys know the rest.

    Anyway I never take their word for it. They're like Game Daily, slightly better but still sucks hard.

  3. Offtopic, but we should start a petition requesting a retail version: a disc + a box + the manual. Rockman is more than merely a download & region locked! :(

  4. Well, they do say in the review that in this case the lower the graphics score the better.

  5. Well, Capcom wasn't going for the ''New-gen-graphics'' , they were going for ''old-school'' (right?)
    And IGN is probably a place that can only take great graphics from new-gen or something if I look at that score =/ ... Blegh don't mind me.

  6. Hahaha.. That's not a fact. That's IGN's opinion. This game rocks anyway. I dont care about IGN!

  7. @Anonymous #1: Still, 3.0 sounds pretty harsh, even if they said otherwise.

    Bah, I'll get the game (and a Wii) anyway.

  8. IGN gave the graphics such a low score.... what exactly were they expecting, 3-D? Capcom said it was going to be an 8-bit style game... not something like MegaMan 8 or X7 or X8 or even Legends. I'll admit i, personally, wasnt hoping for another 8-bit game, but you really can't give the graphics that low of a score. It really is unfair. If it was was something between 6 and 7, maybe even 5, then.. yeah, okay... but 3 is far too low. I personally think its a little bias as well, but thats my opinion.


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