Monday, September 29, 2008

A Look At SSR3's 'Modification Gear', Burai Noise Change?

A preview for SSR3's successor to the Wave Command Cards, "Modification Gear", has appeared on Webshop Cereza's online shop.

The cards shown seem to hint at the possibility of a Burai Noise Change.

Courtesy of RockmanREDUX:

A preview image of the Noise Kaizou Gear cards for the upcoming Shooting Star Rockman 3 has appeared on a listing at online store Web Cereza. Successing the Wave Command Cards from the previous title, among these cards we have something that might be interesting: Burai Noise, with a Spade in the top right corner (linking back to our 5 card setup?). The other two aren’t as obvious (or clear) to read, but from appearances the second should be a White Card (the text on bottom says White No. and what I think is 1); a Stealth Laser card being visible. As for the third card, all that can be read from the title is Ultimate —, but it can be seen that there are three wood-type bosses we’ve already encountered: Goat Kung-Fu, Ophiuchus Queen and Condor Geograph. The last figure on that card, the big green brute-looking thing may be a new wood-type boss, if the pattern follows.

Hopefully, we'll get some clarification from the latest Coro Coro. Stay tuned!

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